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10 Breakup Rules for Guys

Brooke Collits May 7, 2019
The end. If this phrase pulses in your brain it could not be a good signal. Most likely, it is the sign of uncontrollable pain caused by a crisis in private life known as a breakup. Although, the end of love story seems to be a trivial thing, experiencing emotional suffering related to it often is a true challenge, even for the most cold-blooded man.
It does not matter whether it is your first break up or the twentieth one, your emotions are equally strong and they make us unpiloted. A single way to save oneself and closest surrounding from the crash is inner autopilot.
We mean a set of rules to follow when facing the break up that serves as the road map for the most challenging period until the moment your brain becomes able to manage your heart again.

You unlikely have the pre-made breakup guide, but we have and are ready to help you survive in “the end” moment.

Stop Nurturing Your Hope

There is one belief that women’s “No” does not mean exactly what they say. Sometimes, we indeed can treat “no” as “yes, but later” but this “sometimes” is limited to the flirting stage of relations when it is aimed at encouraging our insistence.

Believing that it has the same meaning at the end is nothing else than self-deception.

Free Your Emotions

From early childhood, men are taught to endure. We should disappoint you rephrasing this notable stereotyped claim: the more you can endure the weaker you are. But substantiated enough, be sure.

Suppressed feelings result in many diseases making your weaker each time. Your emotions are your biggest value and you should be able to express them in any way.

Tell Everything to Your Ex

The end of relationships often means the gap in mutual understanding. Do not hurry to call her, just try to write a sincere paper letter to your ex but do not send it.

Just write each time, you want to say something. You will look, each next letter will be less and less emotional. You will avoid the mutual insults and satisfy the need for speaking out.

Avoid Hostility

Being guided by resentment, we strive to push our ex even harder than she did. Anger, attacks on her or her new boyfriend, is not the right way.

You will just demonstrate your weakness, undermine all the good moments of your relations and devalue the role of your personality. Value yourself, your previous choice and shared happy moments.

Take a Pause in Communication With the Ex

The physical and emotional need for saving the “thread of closeness” is that you feel in the breakup period. Follow the rule of pause.

Do not call just, do not explore the social media’s profiles, do not message each other, and do not have “the last sex”.

Clean Your Living Space and Mind

Give away to your ex all her things she left at your home, excluding the gifts. Stop using the “ritual” items if you have these ones. We mean special plates you used to exploit for a special occasion or anything else recalling the bright memories.

Your heart as the wardrobe: you would not be able to put anything inside until you free the space.

Be Proactive

Apparently, you may feel the lack of life motivation, disappointment, emotional and physical weakness but if you allow these feelings to prevail you risk weltering in depression.

It could erode all the areas of your life and your personality as well. Take yourself in your hand and do anything: work harder, train more actively, communicate, travel, etc.

Fill the Gap

You feel like a lonely man staying in the center of barren and not knowing what you should do. You need to equip this barren from the beginning, build a new comfort zone.

Start doing something new. If previously you should devote Wednesday for leisure shared with your ex, start playing football with the friends or visiting your parents in this day. 

Do Not Do Anything to Annoy Your Ex

You may falsely think your acts can bother your ex and try to annoy her with your daily manner of living without her. So, your flirting with a new girl motivated merely by the desire to anger the ex would, most likely, result in insulting the third person.

Do not start a new relationship or having spontaneous sex with all her friends just to annoy your ex.

Enjoy Your Bachelor’s Life

There are so many things you wanted to do in your life but you had no physical or financial opportunity. Now you can anything that comes to your head. She banned you eat in the bed or walk across the house in the trunks for the whole day.

Let’s take off your clothes to underwear, take the huge plate of tasty food and go to the bed for watching horrors!