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3 Factors For Achieving the Perfect Man Bun This Summer

Sarah Roberts Aug 14, 2019
Getting the perfect man bun this summer is not that difficult. Any man can quite easily get the look by nailing three essential factors.

The Man Bun

Is the perfect man bun even possible. How hasn't this trend died yet? If you can nail the man bun, it is the ideal go-to hairstyle for long hair when summer hits. The key to success depends on three factors, hair length, face shape and right products. Nail them, the perfect man bun is yours.


Follow these tips and you can achieve one of the coolest and easiest hairstyles this summer. To get the best hairstyling products from companies such as Boots and Superdrug, for lesser prices, visit Discount Promo Codes.

Face Shape

Whether you're a man or a woman, not every hairstyle will suit you. The man bun hairstyle is for men with square faces. Men with square faces have strong jawlines, accentuated when their hair is scraped back. If you have a square face, you can rock all man buns, from low bun to the top knot.

Hair Length

Hair length is vital to achieve an effortless, messy top knot and avoid small onion-like knot that has given the hairstyle its bad name. Be patient, don't try and scrape your hair into man bun when it’s not long enough. Wait for your hair to be shoulder length (at least) before experimenting.

Texture, Texture, Texture

Even if you have the perfect hair length, your man bun won’t stay in place without the right hair texture. Wavy hair is perfect for messy, voluminous look. But if you have sleek straight hair, the right products can fix this for you. Invest in some salt spray or texturising mist to give your hair a beachy wave.