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Useful Tips for Growing a Beard

Omkar Phatak Nov 20, 2018
Beards are the natural adornments of a man's face, that make him look more mature. Here are some beard growing tips, for those of you who have finally decided to give up their clean-shaven ways.
Beards can set the men apart from boys. They symbolize many things. Long ones can mark you out as a philosopher and in general a serious person, a rebel, or a bum. It all largely depends on your styling. Short trendy ones can make a great impression.
Opinions regarding beards vary greatly across society. In ancient times, they were considered to be symbols of virility and manhood. It was a 'beard' world. To some extent, even today, that belief persists in the wide world.
It was Alexander the Great, who broke the tradition of growing beards in the west and ordered his soldiers to be clean-shaven, as he didn't want enemy soldiers to get a grip on them.
The modern metrosexual male prefers staying clean-shaven, being largely a victim of corporate conformism.
You do not need to do anything to make your beard grow. There is no need to give you a formula to grow beards, as they grow on their own, thanks to our hormones. There are no growing techniques, but only trimming techniques.

Essential Tips

Growing beards is like growing a crop on a farm. It takes a lot of patience and work before you can reap the harvest. Here are some tips.

Stay Committed to The Cause

Once you decide to grow it, your resolve should not waver at all. It takes days of commitment and getting rid of that nasty habit of shaving. See your face transforming from that of a so-called metrosexual male to a real man.
Those who are not used to growing it, may feel like giving in, after some days, but a true bro never wavers, once he has decided to grow one.

Don't Give in to Ridicule and Criticism

As you start growing your beard and especially when it is in the 'whiskers' phase, people around you, including the opposite sex may complain, ridicule, and criticize. Do not fall prey to this. They'll eat their words when they see you in your bearded glory, once it's fully-grown and styled.

Style and Groom It

Check out the various trendy styles for men and choose whichever suits you best. Consult and assign the job to an experienced and trusted barber.
You have a lot of choice, from the stubble to the goatee, to sideburns and more, when it comes to styles. Once you get your beard styled, maintain it by trimming it regularly and bask in your 'beard' glory.
Remember, that you have a fundamental right to grow your beard, which no one can take away from you.