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Tips for Shaping Your Beard

Smita Pandit Nov 22, 2018
Facial hair can become unruly, if not trimmed or shaved on a regular basis. If you have a beard, use a beard trimmer to keep your facial hair as per the decided length and style of the beard. This write-up provides a few tips.
Unlike the olden times when men who wanted to keep a beard would just let their facial hair grow naturally, most men today trim or shape their facial hair for a well-groomed look.
Moreover, there are so many different beard styles to choose from. If you wish to don a beard, make sure that you opt for a style that goes well with your face shape. Trim it from time to time, or you might end up looking shabby.

Beard Styles

There is no need to restrict yourself to the full beard always. You can keep a goatee, Van Dyck, stubble, French cut, mutton chops, Verdi, soul patch, Garibaldi, balbo, or chin strap.
Not only will the bearded look draw attention to your facial features, you would also be able to conceal facial flaws if any.
For instance, men who have a round face can keep a beard to create an illusion of an oblong face. However, do consider your face shape and hair growth pattern.
If you have a small face, a full beard must be avoided at all costs. You could sport a goatee or a chin strap. If your face is square-shaped, then you could keep a beard that is somewhat rounded, but avoid side burns as they will accentuate this face shape. So, select the style that is best suited to your face shape.

How to Shape a Beard

Unkempt facial hair will make you look shabby, so invest in a good quality beard trimmer to shape your beard. A beard trimmer will help you maintain the beard style properly. You can select an add-on so as to cut your hair as per the desired lengths.
If you have a full beard, then trim your hair with the scissors first. You can get it done by a barber also. If you need to shape it more, then use the beard trimmer. It's always best to begin trimming just below the ear and then trim along the jawline. Thereafter, you could start trimming under the chin.
Those who keep a full beard must also use shampoo, conditioners, and hair gels to groom their beard. Application of a gel will keep the hair intact.
In case of styles other than the full beard, you must know how to shave a beard properly. For some of these styles, facial hair needs to be kept at some areas only. So, look at the mirror and shave off the facial hair leaving behind hair as per the style you have chosen.
If you are planning to keep a beard, make sure that you select the right style and maintain it properly. Do trim or shave the unruly hair, as and when needed, to maintain a suave look.