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Beard Styles for Face Shape

Beard Styles for Face Shape

For those who prefer to have beards, choosing the right beard styles for face shapes is very important in order for the look to be appealing and attractive. Wrong choices can create very disastorus results, which one can avoid by following a few simple guidelines.
Stephen Rampur
For individuals who like to keep a beard, it is very crucial to have the correct style, as a beard has a substantial impact on your facial appearance. However, if you learn about some styles, and wear a beard that will complement your face, it will largely contribute to your handsomeness.

The most important thing to consider while choosing among the many styles is that you should first realize what kind of face you have. A properly trimmed and shaped beard can surely enhance and make your facial features more desirable. As every individual face would have its own particular characteristics, like the size of the mouth, nose, and jawline; there are few general guidelines for selecting the right beard.
Different Styles of Beards
Over the years, beards have become more and more common. With celebrities and film stars donning new styles almost everyday, this has become the latest rage for the fashion conscious. The following are some of the more popular beard styles sported by people all across the globe.

Beard Style Description
Soul Patch This style relates to a small beard which is just under the lower lip over the chin
Van Dyck This style pertains to a goatee along with a mustache
Chinstrap A chinstrap consists of long sideburns, and comes in the frontward direction and ends below the chin, appearing like a chinstrap
Verdi This is a small beard that has a circular bottom, and slightly shaven cheeks with volume on the mustache
Goatee Hair that is grown on the chin, corresponding to a billy
Garibaldi This relates to a wide, fuller beard having circular bottom with a connected mustache
Donigal This style is pretty similar to the chinstrap, but overlays the whole chin

While these are the more popular options that most men sport, there are hundreds of variations. With the bearded look coming back into fashion, a lot of men are looking to grow beards and then get them trimmed into something classy. The table above can be used as a base for the various options, and by combining it with the points below, you can choose the perfect beard, that will not only ensure that you are with the latest trend, but will also suit you and add to your rugged looks.
Beard Styles Complementing Face Shape
For Round Faces
In shaping a beard for a round face, you need to make the face look less round by going a little longer at the chin for adding length. It is suggested that you avoid shaggy sideburns, and set the sides short. For a round face, a goatee would be a suitable alternative instead of a full beard.
For Square Faces
This style is somewhat same as that for a long face. If you have a square-shaped face and are thinking of keeping a beard, you can choose a style which is shorter at the sides and longer at the chin to add some length to the face. Once again the favorite 'goatee' comes as a very good choice.
For Long Faces
A long face needs a beard that is fuller at the sides and shorter at the chin. Try to add width to the sides and set a style which would make the face seem less long. Make it a point to avoid abrupt changes in length so that the shaping does not seem obvious.
For Small Faces
If you are a man with a small face, you would need a small and simple beard. If you keep a larger and fuller beard, it would make your face appear lost in the hair and out of proportion. Thick sideburns with a chin curtain is appropriate for a small face.
For Large Faces
As the size of the face is big, any small amount of unordered facial hair would seem out of proportion and make the face look larger. In such a case, it is suggested to set the beard fuller and keep the mustache larger.
For Oval Faces
If you have a face that is oval in shape, you are really fortunate. This is believed to be ideal and needs no particular shaping to make the facial features appear balanced. You can wear any sort of beard, and it will look good on you. A chin curtain is the best choice.
These are just a few beard styles for face shapes which contribute to the good looks of men. However, there are many celebrities and famous personalities who are coming up with their own styles. As a result, there are different varieties getting into men's fashion. No matter what you choose, simply make sure that it would look good on you.