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Beard Trimming Ideas

Parashar Joshi Nov 20, 2018
For all those guys who are interested in having a well-maintained, trimmed beard, here are some great ideas and tips to get a suave look.
Growing a beard does help in giving a man a new look, or a different look than usual. However, maintaining the growth of your beard through regular trimming is equally important.
A beard that is not groomed, or looked after, can make a man look extremely shabby and unkempt.
Here are some ideas and techniques for those of you who would like to carry your grown look, smartly and stylishly.

Instructions for Trimming Beard

Before you begin with the actual trimming, have a clear mental picture of the type of look you want. There are different tools and techniques for different bearded looks. So, it is important that you know what you want.
If all you want to do is just trim it round the edges without changing its shape too much, then a good pair of beard-trimming scissors should be more than enough to serve the purpose.
If you have a thick beard that you wish to trim, it is better to first wash it with soap or shampoo, in order to soften the hair. Doing so on a regular basis is also beneficial from the point of view of facial skin care.
After you wash your beard, do not use a blow dryer to dry it. Dry it with a towel instead. Also, run a small comb through while it is still damp. It will help in untangling the hair.
Regardless of how long or thick your beard may be, always trim it when the hair has completely dried. Trimming while the hair is still damp or wet, can often result in you cutting more length of hair than what you originally intended.
Always make use of a good quality mirror. Ideally, a proper and stable shaving mirror is a must-have when it comes to grooming something as evident as your facial hair.
If you have an electric shaver or trimmer, make sure that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with its mechanism. If it features multiple blades, please go through the user manual to get an idea of the beard style or hair length that each blade is designed for.

Essential Tips

Regardless of how much you want to trim it (in terms of length), always begin from the sideburns, i.e., from next to your ear, and move downwards from the side towards the chin.
Whether you complete one side of your face first and then move on to the other side, or, whether you tackle both sides of your face simultaneously, doesn't really matter all that much. What is important is the end result. Both sides of your face should be symmetrical after you're done with the process.
If you're new to growing a proper beard, here are some celebrities who with their constantly changing bearded looks can inspire you, and give you some styling ideas to consider:

  • Colin Farrell
  • Brad Pitt
  • George Clooney
  • Tom Cruise
  • Russell Crowe
  • Steven Spielberg
  • Sir Sean Connery
  • Sting
These were a few tips and tricks to get that perfectly symmetrical, trimmed beard. Make good use of them and you will surely end up with a gorgeous manly look for sure.