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Best Jeans for Short Men

Tulika Nair Feb 15, 2019
So, you are shorter than average and want to buy a pair of denims that will make you appear tall. Let's look at the best jeans for men who are shorter, without wasting any time.
Looking at male models on the ramp, you are tempted to believe that every guy is built in the same mold - tall, lean and well built. The reality, as we all know, is far from the truth.
There are many men who are not as tall as the average male model and find themselves a tad shorter. For these men, finding a pair of denims that not only fit well, but also make them look taller than normal can be quite the task.

Denims for Short Men

Traditionally fashion was somehow always more partial to those who were particularly blessed when it came to their bodies. The tall and the thin could carry off most fashionable clothing pieces with elan as they appeared to be stitched just for them.
With fashion becoming all the more accommodating, there are many clothes that are available for those amongst us who are not as blessed, where height and weight are concerned.
For men who are short, finding that perfect pair of denims can always be a problem. One way to overcome this problem is to get your jeans tailored for you, according to your preference and your stature. It is possible to buy denim cloth that has thin, practically invisible stripes that always add to the illusion of height.
Another good idea that can give you an illusion of height is to match your denims with shirts of a similar color. This will make you look taller. There are many styles of denims that can actually give men an illusion of height and help them look much taller. Here are some of the best jeans for men who are slightly vertically challenged.

Boot-cut Denims

If you are looking for good denims for short men, then this would probably be one of the best options for you as they make you look not only taller but also slimmer than you are. When we ask you to wear boot-cut denims, we definitely do not mean that you should opt for a pair of bell bottomed jeans as that will just make you seem shorter.

Low Rise Denims

Regardless of the style of denims that you opt for, remember to choose a pair of jeans that are low rise. Denims that sit on you in such a manner that they rest below your waistline or your belly button, create an illusion of you being taller and having a longer upper body.

Neutral Denims

When we talk about neutral denims, we are talking about those jeans that are neutrally colored. So, opt to buy denims in colors like black, khaki, or even gray. Try and match your shirt with the denims by wearing a shirt in the same color family. Monochromatic clothes make you seem taller than you are and therefore are always a good option.

Narrow Leg Denims

These can be one of the best options for men who are short as narrow denims tend to make you look much taller than you are in reality. Baggy or wide legged denims on the other hand, only tend to make you look shorter.
While these are the best styles of denims for normal wear, if you think you can carry it off, try out overalls. While they are not a style that men wear normally, these denims do create an illusion of height, which is what you are looking for.
For a more casual option on the weekend, opt for denim shorts. These make your legs look much longer than they are. But do remember to choose shorts that are structured and not baggy or overtly loose. The best jeans for men who are comparatively short are those that fit well and look good.