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A Handy Guide to Choosing the Right Motorcycle Jacket

Sonu S Apr 21, 2019
There are two things that should be a part of your motorcycle gear, one is the helmet and the other is the jacket. If you have a good motorcycle jacket, you will obviously look better on your bike. Read on to learn how to choose the right motorcycle jacket.
When you imagine an ideal biker, you see a tough looking guy on his bike, wearing a helmet and a jacket. No matter how good your bike is, it does not matter if you have the best motorcycle helmet, a motorcycle rider looks incomplete without his jacket.
Your jacket becomes a part of your bike, and eventually becomes a part of you. So, it is very important that you choose a right jacket, you do not want a part of you to go wrong, right?

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Jacket

Earlier it was easy for a rider to choose a jacket, but now, there are a myriad of options to choose from. Choosing the jacket from so many alternatives requires patience (along with money!). Also, what is good for you, may not be good for someone else, as a result, the market is influenced by individual preferences to a great extent.

You Belong to a Club

If you are a part of any club, choosing a jacket becomes comparatively easy for you. You should go for a customized jacket that matches your club-code, but do see that your jacket also has the basic features of comfort and safety.

You Want Style

The traditional leather motorcycle jacket never goes out of style, but it is not necessary to stick to it. Always go for a jacket that complements your bike. It will not look good if you have a Aprilia RSV4 R, and you wear a jacket strictly meant for a Harley.

You Need Comfort

You are someone who commutes on a motorcycle, then comfort might be the first aspect that you should pay attention to. Never choose a jacket which is too tight, it should have proper ventilation, you do not want to feel suffocated everyday, do you?
It would be good if your jacket is waterproof, and if it is light in weight.

You Prefer Safety

For those of you who wish to go for a long distance ride, it is necessary that you choose a jacket which gives maximum safety, you never know what is going to hit you.
If you are someone who loves speed, then safety should be the main feature that you look for, you never know what you are going to bump into.

Your Ideal Jacket Checklist

Your jacket should have most of the features listed here.
  • The jacket should have the sleeves of the right length (even in the riding position).
  • It should cover your back completely when you ride.
  • It should have enough room for your shoulders and chest.
  • It should have more pockets.
  • It should have more zipper vents (helps when it is too hot).
  • It should have a map pocket.
  • It should have strong zippers and secure pockets.
  • It should be thick with necessary padding.
  • It should not flap.
  • It should have room for armor inserts.
  • It should have a reflective coating (reflective stripes are also fine).
  • Finally, it should look great!
While spending on a jacket, you should consider the frequency of use too. If your jacket is just going to lie in your wardrobe, then there is no point in buying a very expensive one, but do not buy a cheap fancy jacket which gives no comfort or safety. One more thing, once you buy a jacket, take good care of it!