How to Choose Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men

Every man must own a pair of snug, time-enduring dress shoes that can be worn not just in the office, but otherwise. Here's how to choose a comfortable pair of dress shoes.
MenWit Staff
Dress shoes are usually worn to the office, but they don't have to be restricted to formal attire and meetings. The best shoes that come with dual purpose traits are loafers and brogues. They can transport you instantly from the office, to the bar with the boys. Dress shoes may seem like something you can pick off a rack without thinking twice, but a man who wants to own a pair that won't succumb to wear-and-tear all too soon, would be better off knowing how to choose a good pair.
How to Pick Dress Shoes
Style and Comfort
No one ever said that the two can't go hand in hand; the best way to test this theory is to wear a pair of dress shoes that catch your attention, and see how it fits. Also, don't forget the technical details of the pair you choose; it must have leather soles instead of rubber, so that they don't crumble to a sorry state before you've even got used to wearing them. You'll need to do your homework first, about the many things that go into the perfect pair of shoes, but we'll break it down for you in a nutshell.
  • Ask the store if they can provide a set of taps for your shoes, to protect the sole from experiencing damage from constant use. If not, visit an outlet that provides these shoe-saving additions to help the soles last longer. They'll wear out in about six months so be sure to have them changed then.
  • Because leather soles need a lot of care and attention, it would be wise to have them replaced after repetitive checks for damage. If you have a rubber-leather combo going on, where the rubber is meant to shock absorb, have the pads replaced within a year to protect the underlying leather soles from near damage.
  • Always have soles sewn on and never glued, as supported and urged by GQ magazine.
Money Matters
You'd be extremely lucky to find a pair of dress shoes at a steal, that last for a long while to come. We advise you to invest in a good pair by leaving a not-so-visible dent on your credit card; think of all the new shoes and repair work you'll have to spend on, just to maintain an average-looking pair of shoes, as opposed to caring for high-quality ones that won't have you spending a lot of time and money for the same. Combine all that money spent on the former pair, and you'll have enough money to buy a trusty pair of Tod's or even Ralph Lauren's.

Cedar Shoes to the Rescue
They're known for guarding shoes against creasing and turning shapeless, even warding off offensive odors. They can really do wonders for a pair's shelf life, so don't be afraid to invest in these. You'll never have to worry about them falling apart if you take good care of them with regular cleaning, brushing, and waxing, while addressing concerns that will be minor in nature because of their obvious quality.