Flirty and Fun Conversation Starters With Girls

Conversation Starters with Girls
Guys! Just be yourself. The most effective conversation starters with girls happen to be the simplest ones. Are you among one of those whose greatest fears are realized, not when facing an interview or being asked to give a speech, but when faced by the prospect of talking to a girl? Well, here is some help at hand...
Striking a good conversation with girls may be the most daunting task for some, considering the sheer time some men spend in thinking about the issue. In fact, the more you think, the more you hesitate. So, for starters let us get some facts straight. Almost every guy has an inherent characteristic of getting to know a girl more, befriend her, perhaps date her, or get into a serious relationship with her. 

Some of us do it quite easily, without making much of a deal about it. But for some, even the sight of a girl gets the butterflies going. You tend to be extremely conscious of yourself and your actions. You get conscious of even your breathing, if your hands are properly at the sides or swinging awkwardly, and all sorts of other weird thoughts. Nervousness is completely natural, but if it results in absurd behavior, then you might need some grooming.
Tips for Conversation Starters with Girls
If you think learning to make some witty comments and some funny spontaneous jokes, (which your friend is good at), is the only way to strike up a conversation with girls; cheer up! It is not so. They say, 'A woman can say more in a sigh than a man in a sermon.' Going by the statement, what matters to a girl is how you project yourself in a conversation, which is evident from her expressions.
Be Honest
One of the best ways to get over your fear is to express your fear. It may sound ironic, but it is true. Girls usually like to talk to guys who are honest in expressing themselves freely. For example, if you are really nervous to talk to a classmate, confront her and honestly let her know your inhibitions by simply saying, "Sorry, I am not good at talking to girls, but...!". This will serve two purposes, first it will make you feel immensely lighter and spur on a great conversation, and in case you unconsciously make some awkward gesture, she would neglect it and even you will not sweat over it. Ill-mannered behavior is one of the things girls hate about guys, so never exaggerate your acts and be normal.

You could also seek help from a female colleague (who you've surprisingly befriended without any trouble!), by sharing your fear of talking to women. You may not realize, but in the process you have actually opened up a good conversation starter with a girl.
Be in the Moment
Situational dialog can be a good way to initiate a conversation with a girl. If there has been an incident or an event which naturally prompts discussion, use it as a stimulus to get started. For example, if another of your colleague won some award, which has been the point of discussion the whole day round, you can casually walk over to the girl and ask for her opinion with something like, 'That was an excellent effort, don't you think so?' These state of affairs are a great way to engage in a conversation with a girl.
Be Appreciative
A word of appreciation goes a long way. It is no different with the fairer sex. Genuine compliments, or just a small gesture to show that you notice the little things about her will really help your cause. However, take care not to make too obvious remarks. If a girl is beautiful, there probably would be many people complimenting her looks. Compliment her qualities, like a gesture of help to someone, her handwriting, dancing skills and so on. A sincere word of appreciation, delivered in a measured context can really lead to a good chat session. Don't go overboard with it though, and refrain from flattery. That really ought to get the conversation started.
Find Similar Interests
It is an age-old technique, nevertheless, very effective. You might share a similar interest with the girl you want to talk to. Some of the commonly found interests are a TV soap, reading books (sharing the same favorite author), movies, music, and so on. This serves the cause quite well, since you may not be at a loss of words when it is about something you are passionate about. One of the most assured ways to break the ice is the opportunity to travel together. If you get a chance to go share a picnic or a field visit, it can foster a conducive atmosphere for an easy conversation. Going through similar tasks and experiences is a very natural and perfect way to make a good start with a girl. Search for an element of humor in the flow, which can relieve any pressure you feel.
This is a very contradictory effort, but workable. If a girl brings up a general conversation amongst a group, she would definitely prefer a dialog with the person who is keen on hearing her. A good listener can be the best friend of a girl. Therefore, to bring up a conversation, first pay attention and genuinely take interest in what she expresses.
Finally, as mentioned before, just be yourself. Remember, if you create an image of something you are not, it would only be a matter of time before you're caught. It is obvious that both sexes have the curiosity to know more about each other, but a girl needs to feel comfortable and get a secure feeling when in the company of a male. So, ALWAYS be what you are, without worry about failure. Even if you are not able to get that first conversation going, don't worry, just keep at it; that perfect ice breaker is bound to be just around the corner.