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Cool Hairstyles for Boys

Get a hairstyle which suits your hair type and will enhance your personality. You could select one from the ones mentioned here.
Mamta Mule Nov 24, 2018
Choosing the right hairstyle can be difficult for boys. Even though there are many ideas available, they need to pick one that suits their face and hair texture. Also, men's fashion trends keep changing and they remain keen on wearing their hair according to the latest hairstyle trends.
Well, following fashion trends is not a bad idea, but make sure that you follow those which enhance your looks and not ruin them! If you are looking for inspiration or guidance, here are a few cool hairstyles for boys.

Geek Chic

If opting for this modish hairstyle, make sure you get professional help. This best suits those boys with medium hair. A clean-cut with straight hair with length of about 3 - 4 inches is enough to sport it.
Your hair is usually styled side-swept by adding a well-textured look to the strands. To complete the geekish look, put on a pair of cute geek glasses and you are sure to look extra cool!


This is one of the easiest hairstyles to rock if you have short hair, in fact, super short hair. All those lazy boys who are not at all interested in styling hair but still need to look cool, must hit the salon and go for the buzz.
Cut your hair to about half an inch, or even to a bit shorter length. You don't even need to add a partition, just keep maintaining that haircut and you are sure to look a class apart with cool, short hair.


If you have straight or wavy hair with a bit of length, you can go for preppy hairstyle. You need to spend some time for styling your hair in case you opt for this. Again, the side-swept look is popular and is often combined with this haircut.
Also, asymmetrical bangs or straight across cut bangs are essential to make the look perfect. When styled appropriately, it frames your face beautifully and gives you a classy appearance.


This is a hit among boys due to the modish look it imparts to the face without requiring to do much of styling. As an advantage, you don't need to have a well-defined style in case of messy hairdo.
As the name suggests, your hair is styled with styling gel to give it a messy appearance. A bit of length (even length all over your hair is fine), styling gel, and your fingers is all what is required to achieve this look. The best part is that you can keep changing the style everyday!
Styling your hair rightly will give you the perfect look. Consult your hair stylist and get some tips on maintaining the look. Get the best hair products specially formulated for your type of hair. Maintaining the look all day long is just as essential.
Also, make sure your hairstyle suits your attire and personality at all times. Like, a cool hairstyle won't go with a formal attire. So, as you dress up according to the occasion, wear your hairstyle to suit the attire.