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Cool Hairstyles for Men

With time, the way the modern man dresses up and styles his look has changed drastically, and for the good, too. Hair, the crown of our personality, is being taken up very seriously by him. Now, it is not only the fairer sex who wish to experiment with different styles, men are starting to get conscious about the way they do their hair, too. This article lists down a few cool hairstyles for men that are slowly catching up.
MenWit Staff
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Like women, men too like to experiment with different types of hairstyles which would make them look cool, unique, and trendy. With fashion stepping up its potential for all the sexes, there are many varieties for men as well, with each having its stylish attributes and appearances. In order to look stylish, you can wear an old style and add a modern twist to it or sport one of the latest ones. The one basic and most fundamental thing to remember is that hairstyles are directly related to the shape of the face. Therefore, while choosing one, you should make sure if it suits your face and accentuates the shape.
pompadour hairstyle
This is a hairstyle that was most popular in the 1950s and 60s. People started to wear this hairdo after it was sported by Elvis Presley. It is characterized by all hair being combed backwards, with only the ends kept curled. It can be well set using a quality hairspray and gel.
Crew Cut
crew cut hairstyle
It is sometimes also known as a buzz cut. The hair is cut very short to the scalp. Practically, it does not require any type of styling. It is a good option for men who have busy work schedule, but also want to sport a smart haircut that works well for the professional as well as the casual life.

devilock hairstyle
This is only meant for those who want to sport a punk hairstyle. It is simple, with a short haircut at the back of the head, but at the front, it is kinda devilish. In a devilock, hair is trimmed only at the side and back of the head. The front hair is set together and styled straight down the middle of the forehead.
cornrows hairstyle
These were popularized by the African-American community. Cornrows are actually plaits woven and styled very close to the scalp. To look cool, you can try out a wide variety of cornrow styles on the scalp, with different creative designs. Contrary to a common belief, a cornrow hairstyle is really easy to maintain.
Spiky Cut
Spiky cut hairstyle
Owing to the popularity of this trendy haircut, it probably needs no introduction. Spiky hair can be sported casually and also suits a man in an office suit. This is one stylish hairdo which did make ways for many creative emo hairstyles worn by scene teenagers and youngsters. You only need a good hair gel to style it.
Mohawk and Faux Hawk
In a Mohawk hairstyle, the hair at the sides is cut, keeping just the hair at the middle of the head in a line, extending from the forehead till the nape. The hair in the center is then styled up using hairspray and gel. In a faux hawk haircut, the hair at the side is left uncut, just setting the middle hair upwards.
mohawk hairstyle
Mohawk Hairstyle
faux hawk hairstyle
Faux Hawk Hairstyle
Shaggy Hairstyle
shaggy hairstyle
If you are looking for something cool, that requires the least amount of styling time, shaggy hairstyle is one good option. For this, you only have to apply wet look gel and set the hair. You can make cool variations using different hairstyles with bangs. This hairstyle suits men who have thick hair.
mullet hairstyle
If we take a look at a mullet haircut, it is simple at the front and stylish at the back of the head. Though this is a very old haircut for men, it surely looks a lot trendier to wear. In this hairdo, the hair at the front and side is trimmed, whereas the hair at the nape is left long. Many variations of the mullet are coming up nowadays in the youth culture.
If you have long hair, a ponytail is one of the best options. The styles will, of course, keep changing so you may keep moving forward with the trend and maintain your coolness quotient.