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Cute Things to Do for Your Girlfriend: Get Back the Mushiness!

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 17, 2019
So, it's her birthday, or probably your anniversary, and you want to do something special for her? Well, here are some cute things to do for your girlfriend that will bring you two closer as a couple.
Being in a relationship is a wonderful feeling. If the relationship is new, partners go to any lengths to impress that very special person in their lives.
Life is rose-tinted with a splash of gifts, romantic dinners, flowers, and lot of mushy stuff. But once the initial euphoria sets in, gifts become sparse and roses fewer. If the couple in question happens to be a married one, then the overwhelming amount of responsibilities leave no scope for expression of love.
Although the equation between the partners still remains the same, all the mushiness suddenly disappears and love becomes a chore. If you wish to save your relationship from turning boring, then you have no choice but to show appreciation and love towards your partner in some way.
Those who have just entered a relationship can sure come up with surprises for their partner. Roses, long drives, walks on moonlit beaches, romantic massages, dinner for two, mushy messages, making out in the rain and the list is endless.
However, those who have been in a relationship for a respectable amount of time may need to hone their wooing skills once again. Although these details are for guys, girls can take a cue too and make their boyfriends feel special.

Appreciation Week

Sure, your girlfriend is an important part of your life and you can't simply live without her. But, did you ever bother to tell her what she means to you? Most of you won't feel the need to express every emotion verbally or physically, but you may not be aware what a small gesture of appreciation could mean to your girlfriend.
An appreciation week before her birthday or your anniversary is a great idea to show how much you care. Start with trivial things, such as post-its with cute messages on them or fill her car with balloons. As the week progresses, graduate to bigger things like long drives, candlelit dinners, etc.
On the last day, give her a day off from household and professional responsibilities, and just let her do what she wants. In the evening, you can take her out and gift her something very special as a token of gratitude.

Reviving Memories

If you two have been together for a very long time, you will have many sweet memories to share. Spend an evening talking to her about the good and bad experiences in your life as a couple.
If it's her birthday or your anniversary, take her to the same place where you had your first date and order the same menu. You can also drive her to her hometown to meet her parents or childhood friends.
Visit the school that she attended or the playground where she played as a child. Listen to her affectionately as she talks animatedly about her childhood memories, and laugh with her.

Show Her Your Creative Side

Can you dance, sing, play an instrument, paint, write a poem? If yes, you can dedicate a performance of creative work to her.
If you can cook, invite her over to your place and surprise her by cooking all her favorite dishes. Even if you cannot cook like a pro, you can at least attempt.
The fact that you took efforts to please her is sure to melt her heart. Similarly, you can also try to write a poem for her or note down the lyrics of a love song and dedicate it to her. Playing guitar or making handmade cards are some other creative things that you can do for your girlfriend.

Random Things to Do for Your Girlfriend

  • Send her flowers, chocolates, and cards without a reason.
  • Drop in at her office and take her out for lunch, or better yet pack her stuff and whisk her away for a short, romantic getaway.
  • Allow her some time by herself or let her meet her girlfriends and have fun.
  • Volunteer to help her with her chores on a particularly busy day.
  • Share household responsibility; not just for a day but for lifetime.
  • Tell her she is the most beautiful woman you have met.
  • Be nice to her parents, siblings, friends, pets, soft toys, and everyone else that matters to her.
  • Tell her you love her as many times as possible. Women never get bored of hearing those three words.
Besides, there are a number of other ways to show her you care. But, no matter what you say and do for her, make sure you do it from your heart. A woman can always tell when you mean it and when you don't.