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Dating Etiquette for Men

Aastha Dogra Mar 14, 2019
If you are planning to go on a date or ask a woman out, it is essential to have good knowledge of proper dating etiquette. Read on to know more.
Women are more intuitive when it comes to dating. They can recognize a person's intentions by just talking to him or her. Hence, men with good dating manners who treat women respectably, always have a better chance at winning over the woman.

Dating Rules and Etiquette to Follow

Never Pester Her

If the woman you asked out has turned you down, do not keep asking her out over and over again. Pestering a woman to go out with you is a big put off.

Be Well-groomed

There are some things that you can do to be more appealing to a woman, or to impress her when out on a date. The first thing you should do is shave and take a shower. Always wear a clean pair of socks. Dab a good smelling cologne.
When it comes to clothes, if you are not known for the way you dress, take the help of a friend. If you show up well dressed on a date, the woman will feel flattered that you took the efforts to impress her.

Plan the Date

If it is a first date, you may not know what the woman likes. Make it a point to ask her where she would like to go. Preferably plan the date well in advance, keeping her interests in mind.

Show up on Time

No woman likes to sit by herself in a restaurant waiting for her date to show up. So make it a point to be on time. Being present at the venue before your date arrives, shows that you are looking forward to meet her, and that you respect her time.

Give Compliments

Women like being complimented. Compliment her, but never over-do it. Sound genuine when you tell her that she looks nice.

Pay Attention to Her

Many men have the habit of overlooking small details, which can be quite annoying for their date. Listen to what she is saying and respond accordingly.
Try not to check out other women in the room. This is the biggest blunder that you can commit. Let the woman speak more. Be a good and active listener.

Be Yourself

When on a date, do not pretend to be someone else just to impress the woman. Do not brag about your work, hobbies, or any other achievements. At the same time, do not look nervous. Be confident, comfortable, and completely at ease with who you are.

Make Interesting Conversation

Most women like men who can make them laugh. So make the conversation a bit humorous, a bit creative. Through your conversation, let her know that you have your own unique personality.

Be Chivalrous

Be very respectful towards the woman you go out with. Open doors and pull out her chair for her. You should also preferably pay for the date. However, if she insists, share the bill.

Keep an Open Mind

Preferably, after the first date, do not call right the next day. Instead, wait for a couple of days. Give her, as well as yourself, enough time to decide whether you would want to keep seeing each other.
When on a date, your focus should be more on making the other person comfortable as well as having fun. Of course, if you really like the woman, you have to find some creative ways to impress her. But, all in all, if you take care of your appearance, sound interesting, and are chivalrous, it will work in your favor.