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Do You Know the Difference Between a Circle Beard and a Goatee?

Difference Between Circle Beard and Goatee
When a boy begins to germinate hair on his face, he officially becomes a man. It's always a great sense of achievement for those who don a bearded look, for they are instantly deemed as an exhibit of the alpha category. We'll get down to the nuanced bearded discussion about circle beard and goatee. May the male-kind always abound in facial follicles!
Sai Kardile
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Did You Know?
Alexander the Great sensed some beard-y danger and made all his soldiers shave off their facial follicles. Had the soldiers worn them as an insignia of aggression, they could have easily been stripped of it. You must be wondering how easy the opponents would have had, with those whiskers to tug at!
We say that beard and man ego must always be fed on a regular basis. A man always wants to feel close to his roots and by that we mean his troglodyte instincts (man probably understood the concept of fire when he vehemently stroked his beard and it gave out flames).
A man needs something to swank off his characteristic male qualities and those whiskers on face emit that in a sharp, piercing cry (women with artificial hairpieces, please hold them tight or they'll blow away with that lunge of strong waves). A man with tactile bristles commands respect because he always looks older than people without that sign of virility. The intimate bond that a man shares with his beard is, at times coveted by his woman. We salute this operative adornment of manliness.
Circle beard Vs. Goatee
While the world was heavily controverting over the man's most prized feature, the man himself was mulling over the ways he could celebrate his facial follicles. The styles are galore and ensuing looks very sexy. Two of the most-celebrated facial hairstyles that have conferred prestige and elegance to male-kind are circle beard and goatee.
Let us understand these two styles - a circle beard brings a manly union of rounded goatee and mustache. While many may believe it to be Van Dyke, the distinction between the two lies in the fact that the circle beard connects the goatee and mustache; Van Dyke is a mere display of goatee and mustache with no connecting bristles. Circle beard covers the expanse of your chin with hair and connects it with mustache in a circular or oval shape. Circle beard is also known as a Door Knocker by dint of its shape. It bedecks mouth with a masculine and fetching shape.
Now, moving on to our next facial follicles style - goatee. Goatee is your hirsute decoration below your nether lip. There's a subtle discrepancy between goatee and Van Dyke. A goatee will lend hairy vegetation only on your chin whereas Van Dyke, from the respected bearded figure, Sir Anthony Van Dyck, entails the chin tuft and the mustache. A goatee can impart any kind of look a man desires - from slovenly (of acceptable level, of course) to sophisticated (well-groomed) to uber cool (thin and razor-sharp).
Dear beard mates, always remember to take good care of your facial follicles because humanity's perception about you solely hinges on it.
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