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Does She Love Me?

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 14, 2019
She loves me or she loves me not? Or she loves me a lot? Can't say for sure. Read on to know how to decipher her mind by analyzing her actions.
There is a huge difference between a girl liking you and loving you. Despite the great difference, many are easily fooled. No number of petals plucked out the flower is going to answer this question. You just have to be receptive to her subtle ways of showing you her love for you.
Unlike men, women are quite secretive about their ways. So, if you've found yourself a mystery women, here's how to demystify her.

She Is There For You

Women are inherently good listeners. But even more, when they are in love. She will patiently listen to everything that you've got to say. She will be there for you, hearing you out, no matter how repetitive you get or how vehement you are.
She will do so, not because she enjoys the attention, but because she wants to be a part of your trials, tribulations, and triumphs. And this is her only way of doing so. Hence, if she answers your calls at ungodly hours and hears out your grievance no matter how late it gets, know, that she loves you.

She is Supportive

Women are nurturers. But not for everyone around them. Only one wins out of those. Let's say, to pursue your interests, you have to leave the town or country for a couple of months.
In a case, where the girl is not interested, she would either be indifferent or would ask you not to. But the one who really loves you, will understand your dreams and would support you in fulfilling them.
So, if she is nurtures your interests, stop wondering, because she sure does! So if this girl you like, is supportive of your dreams, ambitions, and career goals, there's a fat chance she loves you.

Walks the Extra Mile

Even friends don't do this. But she will. Ask her to help you out with an assignment, and it will be done. Tell her about a problem, and she'll have a solution. Tell her you are sick, and she'll stay up all night taking care of you.
Pretty much whatever you ask, will be done. She will be there without a trace of waver, catering to your demands. That's her way of telling you that she loves you.

Meet the Parents

This is the maximum that she can do to tell you that she loves you. When she makes you meet her parents, she is sure in her heart and mind that she loves you. This is her way of strengthening the bond and making you see a very important part of her life.
These were some of signs that are assuring enough of her love for you. It takes a long time for a woman to trust a man. That's the way we are. So, if she shares every inconsequential detail about her life with you, you've made it to her heart.