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Best Eyeglass Frames for Men

Mamta Mule Nov 22, 2018
Choosing eyeglass frames for men is definitely a tricky job. Well, with the comfort, material, and durability, there are many more things that can be considered while buying frames for men. Here is some information about the various types, patterns, and materials to choose from.
Eyeglass frames can make or break your appearance. It can be used for vision correction or as a fashion accessory to enhance your looks. New fashion trends can be seen in eyeglass frames for men today. The variety is huge, and each piece having a new pattern, gives many options for men.
Many men love simple frames for the sweet innocent look that they give, and many opt for the bold frames to add a tough look to their personality.


The best eyeglass frames for men are those made of sturdy materials. You can pick from stainless steel, titanium, cobalt, flexon, and plastic frames which are the best durable frames for men.
Plastic frames, especially those made of nylon are much popular among men due to their less weight. Apart from being lightweight, nylon frames are unbreakable as well. With plastic eyeglass frames, men get a lot of color options.
Go for a lightweight frame, as it will give you the best comfort, even if you wear it for hours. The choice of material will depend on the frame styles, design patterns, and colors available in each of these.


There are various styles in frames, which must be considered before you purchase one. The common frames are those with a full rim. These are available in round, rectangle, oval, and many more shapes.
One of the most popular eyeglass frames are rimless frames, these just have the temples and nose bridge part to support the glasses. These are perfect for a formal attire. Also, these look delicate and give an extremely decent appearance.
Semi-rimless frame, where the frame covers half part of the glasses is also a popular choice among men.. Many men wear this type of frame, which is a mix of rimless and full rim frame work.
Brow bar is a type of frame that has a full or half-rim frame with a brow bar, above the nose bridge as an addition to it. In simple words, this frame will have a double bridge.
Horn-rimmed frame is among the most traditional types, as it is an over sized, bold, thick, heavy, broad, and usually black-colored frame. Men mostly pair these retro eyeglass frames with their casual outfits. Rounded-square and round eyeglass frames in this type are also very popular.


Color is an important factor that men need to consider while buying a frame. Dark colors are the best to choose from. Brown, black, gray, and dark blue are the popular color tones for men in eye wear.
If you want a stylish piece, go for a two-colored frame. Usually gray and white, gray and black, and black and white are the preferred combinations for men. Make sure that the color is not giving a feminine look, like the pink does. Metallic colors are perfect for men. Go for bronze, steel, or metallic gray color frames; they are sure to look good on men.

Temple Patterns

Temple design patterns make a great difference in appearance of the entire frame. Temples are the rods which are connected to the frame fronts and further to the rest on the ears and extend a bit more backwards.
The most common type in this is skull temples, which are straight rods that bend slightly at the tips and behind the ear for better support. Some frames have thin temple rods, while some have broad temples. If you want a delicate piece, then thin temples is the best choice. The rimless frames generally come with thin temples.
Broader temples give a trendy look. You can also opt for those which are just ΒΌ inch broad for a fashionable, yet decent look. With broad temple you get the option of dual color.
Some designer frames have temples with two thin rods and a space in between which gets narrower towards the ears and finally meet at the ends. Some also have design patterns between such rods which is a strict no-no for men.
With so many options available, you are sure to get confused. However, make sure that the frame is broad enough. Getting the right eyeglass frame for your face shape is very important. The edge of the frames must protrude slightly beyond your face and the temples should not touch your head as they extend back to your ears.
Well, the best way to choose one of these is to wear it and check out how it fits and looks on your face.