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Ideas to Make Your First Date Special

Neil Valentine D'Silva Feb 6, 2019
When a girl accepts a guy's proposal to a date for the first time, it should be a happy occasion for the boy. However, he likely stops when the worry sets in - worry about how he will impress the girl! Well, fear not! Here are five tried and tested beautiful ideas to make your first date special.
About 99% of the populations feel shivers running down their spine when the first date comes around. So, here are some cool ideas for this special occasion. Of course, you must remember to be suave enough to carry them ahead. So, bonne chance, and read on.

The Amusement Park

This is one of the best places. Most girls like that sort of stuff, even the older ones do! And there is so much to do in an amusement park that you will be soon out of time.
You can do fun things together like bumping cars, going whacky on the roller-coasters, racking your brains out laughing at yourselves in the funny mirrors, or simply eating candy floss together. And then, you can cozy up in a small café in the park and get to know each other better!
Pros: Amusement parks are meant for fun. Even if your girl has come in a nasty mood, she will lighten up soon and enjoy with you. Also, you will be able to impress her as a fun-loving young man.
Cons: You might not find a comfortable corner for just the two of you. Amusement parks are usually crowded.

The Cinema House

The cinema house is always a favorite when guys are planning their dates. Nowhere else can you get to sit so close together for so cheap! You must make sure it's a movie the girl likes, though. Or she might attach the mediocrity of the movie with you.
In a lighter vein, the cinema hall is the perfect place to hold hands if you wish, and even land a tiny little peck on the cheek - an initiation to a good relation. Girls, in their part, do love to weep during melodramas (keep handkerchiefs ready) and scream their lungs out if it's a horror flick.
Speaking of that, it's really fun to take a girl out for a horror movie. You might have to convince her, though.
Pros: Movie halls are cheap and you can share popcorn and other things together.
Cons: If she hates the movie, she might hate you! Make the choice wisely.

The Beach

When it comes to planning a first date, the beach is always right. It is open and crowded, so girls feel safer on beaches, and beaches are fun.
You can sit under a parasol and gossip about things, you can get an ice cream for her, play Frisbees ... be a regular Archie and Veronica for a day, if you want! Just make sure your eyes do not stray to the other sights on the beach - that could be a super fiasco!
Pros: Beaches are the cheapest option, and there's lot of fun to be had. Where else could you have a chance to check out your girl in a bikini on the first date? If things go wrong, you can even admire the other bikinis.
Cons: The beach idea might not work if your girl is the bookish type. You might not know, but there is a species of girls who do not like beaches. If your lass is one of them, check out the next idea.

The Bookstore

The bookstore is an excellent idea for many reasons. Firstly, girls love to read books. At the bookstore, you can get to know what the girl's likes and dislikes are.
That comes in handy if you are contemplating a gift for her. You can check out what her tastes in music are. Wise men say people who have similar tastes hit it off better.
So, you can actually get a hint of how far this relationship can go. Yes, the bookstore is a good idea for future planning. And whoever said a bookstore is all about books? There are cafés where you can sit together and chat - some of these cafés are really very cozy.
Pros: You get to know more about the person in the bookstore. And you need not buy anything. If you do that, this is the cheapest date idea.
Cons: You might feel a bit bored if you stay too long. Or, worse, your girl might feel bored. However, that really depends on your likes.

An Expensive Dinner

All of us cannot afford an expensive dinner on the first date. But if you really have that kind of money, and if you are something like a celebrity who cannot be seen in cheap public places, then a dinner in a swank restaurant is the best bet.
It is very wrong to say that the surest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Wrong, because it applies to women too. And girls go more for visual grandeur.
So, if you are able to have an exclusive five-course meal with her and show your gourmet knowledge, there's no doubt she'll be impressed. And it will pave the way for a second date. Discreetly, you can decide to do something cheaper the next time.
It would work since she already knows your gastronomical etiquette. Make sure to decide the next date before the dessert comes in!
Pros: Makes way for a long-lasting relationship, filled with happy gastronomical delights!
Cons: Money, money, money! Get those American Express cards ready.