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Good Ideas for a Smooth and Successful First Date

Arjun Kulkarni Mar 2, 2019
A first date is all about good impressions and quality conversations. Here are some ideas for a successful first date.
When on the verge of asking one out on a date, it's always better to have a good place in mind. Let's face it, the first date is all about making a good impression, and choosing the wrong place will completely ruin the date. So, if you want to make a good impression, you need to get the mix right--the looks, the accessories, the attitude, and the venue.
Remember, the objective of the first date is simply to get to know someone better. It need not be overly romantic and mushy. The attitude needs to be friendly and light. The basic qualifications for having it go smoothly include a place which is nice and yet not too cozy and close.

Some Ideas

The Coffee Shop

When you ask someone out, the first thing that presumably runs through your head is 'would you like to come out for a cup of coffee?'. Simple and fairly straightforward.
A coffee house is more than just about coffee. It is a place where two people can meet, sit down, and enjoy a nice time trying to get to know each other without being hassled by the waiters or the people around.
It is just the right amount of cozy and is one of the popular date ideas for winter. So, do a recce of the coffee houses around your area and select the best place for you and your date.

The Park

A good lush-green park in the city is a blessing for its residents, because apart from its utility for people who wish to exercise, it can be one of the first date venues for teenagers.
It serves the main objective of the first date, which is getting to know each other. And in the evenings, in a low-crime rate city, it can be cute and romantic as well.

The Beach

If you're lucky enough to be in a coastal city, you need to look little further than exploring the option of going to the beach.
The beaches, especially the west coast ones, are resplendent during the sunsets. They melt the heart of most women and get them in the mood for a conversation. You can take a walk or go to one of the beach shacks for a bite.


The thing about bowling is, even if you're terrible at it, you still end up enjoying it. It is a great game and you can really have a nice time playing it.
Works better if you happen to be good at it, which might impress your date a bit more. A bowling alley usually offers a cafeteria, so when you're done playing, you can simply go there and sit down.

The Mall

One of the classic yet good first date ideas for teenagers is the mall. The younger teens especially tend to have an affinity towards going to the mall.
Basically, there's a lot of place to roam around for a while and offers ample scope for a great conversation. Again, the mall has a cafeteria for those who get tired after walking around the place.
The first date is a good time to get to know more about the other person and explore the different facets of their personality. Planning it properly will ensure that it goes smoothly and well.