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Ideas to Have a Dreamy and Tender Second Date

Aastha Dogra Mar 12, 2019
So the first meet went rather well and now you've decided to ask her out on your next date. Wondering where to take her? Read on for some interesting suggestions.
The first date went by with you trying your best to create a good impression on the girl. You had a wonderful time and are now planning to ask her out again. Well, instead of scratching your brains out and searching for some ideas, why not call up your girl and ask her what she would like to do? Or, make use of the following tips and ideas.

Travel to a Nearby Place

Select a place on the outskirts of the city which you can visit in one day. It can be a beach, a museum, or a water-park. The idea is to travel together and on the way you will have ample opportunity to talk and get to know each other better.

Go for a Football Game

Take your date as an opportunity to showcase your interests to her. Believe me, nothing gives a more adrenaline pump and rush than a good game of soccer. So grab some popcorn and cold drinks and root for different teams while watching the match to add to the fun.

Take an Art Class Together

Another good idea is to take an art class together. Creating something artistic together will help in building a bond between you two. And even if you two are not the arty sorts, you can have a lot of fun in the art class by creating something unexpected or silly.

Go Hiking

If both you and your date like outdoors then you can plan a hiking trip. Being in the company of nature will relax both of you and you two will be much more comfortable and upfront with each other.

Take Her Out for Lunch

Go for a lunch to some restaurant that has opened recently. You can also try out a new cuisine together. Trying out new things will make the date interesting, at the same time you will have enough time to know each other's likes and dislikes.

Watch a Comedy Play

If you are the shy sorts and are still nervous about what to talk to your date, then watch a comedy play with your girl. A play will be entertaining in itself and the pressure to make your girl have a good time will not solely rest on you.

Romance on the Rooftop

The best way to woo a girl is to surprise her! So, burn a CD with some of the most romantic songs and carry it along with a portable music system, and a bottle of wine to the rooftop. Offer her a glass of wine and if she feels comfortable, play these romantic numbers.
For these ideas to turn out successful, a lot depends upon how you behave and treat your date. So in order to make her fall for you, be punctual, be chivalrous, do not try to get too intimate, be honest, and most of all, be yourself! Best of luck!