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Hair Makeover for Men

Scholasticus K Sep 29, 2018
Despite popular belief, men can be as fastidious about their appearance as women. Well, very nearly. Thus, a hair makeover can be a very good idea for men, especially for those who pay that extra bit of attention to their appearance and like to match their hairstyle to the persona they wish to exude.
Hairstyles are a vital component of a man's appearance. It is an easily noticeable fashion statement; a well-chosen hairstyle often does an excellent job of displaying your personality.
For example, a hairstyle like that of Pierce Brosnan or George Clooney depicts a firm and no-nonsense personality. On the other hand, a hairstyle like that of Brad Pitt depicts a casual and extremely pleasant personality. However, neither of those hairstyles would work if you don't look like Messrs. Clooney, Pitt or Brosnan.
Hair makeover is targeted at, simply put, giving men the hairstyle that suits them.

Why Change?

Many people, especially youngsters, are easily influenced by what they are fed by the media, and blindly try to imitate what they see on the celluloid screen. While the urge to do that is natural, the natural form of your hair is usually the one that suits you best.
Artificially culturing a hairstyle can have adverse affects, including adverse chemical influences from the various gels and other hair products invariably used in the salon.
If you are set on trying to make yourself more attractive in the eyes of the rest of the world - which is something you don't really need to do in the first place - improving upon your natural qualities would be a better option than to artificially change it altogether.
Hairstylists consider many factors when they suggest a makeover. The following are some of the important points:
  • Shape and Angularity (Cut) of the Face
  • Skin Tone
  • Height
  • Nature and Length of the Hair
  • Age
There are two methods to determine what changes have to be made to an existing hairstyle: the conventional hands-on method, and the modern 'virtual' method.

Virtual Makeover

Nowadays, there are many software programs that provide an image of an individual with a new hairstyle virtually 'fitted on'. While using these applications, all the user has to do is download the software from the internet, submit a picture of himself and get familiarized with the numerous hairstyles the interface has to offer.
Some programs like these also recommend makeover hairstyles and even hair-coloring ideas on the basis of features like the cut of the face of the person or the tone of the skin, hair color etc. After you have the preview of the new hairstyle, you can just take a printout and hand it over to the hairstylist to get that particular hairstyle done.

Conventional Makeover

Many hairstylists often opine that using a software to alter such a crucial facet of your appearance as a hairstyle is not a good option. They reason that although the virtual preview of the hairstyle may look good, it appears different in reality.
Hairstylists often emphasize the importance of the gradual evolution of a makeover, rather than an overnight mutation. This is due to the fact that human hair tends to grow in different directions after performing makeovers, and this is where you need a stable routine of haircuts.
The emergent layer of hair, naturally growing haphazardly, disrupts the set hairstyle, and regular trimmings are necessary to keep that in check.
Ideally, it's best to go in for a makeover done by a professional hairstylist over a relatively long period of time, say, 15 months. The advantage is that he develops a hairstyle that is suitable for you.
A hairstyle makeover will not only help an individual look good, but also feel the same. The makeover will also help give that individual's personality a new, better dimension.