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How Not To Fall In Love: Suggestions for a Single Male

Roy D'Silva Sep 26, 2018
Love is good, love is special, love is all things positive. But in some specific cases, love can create more problems than even hate. Here are some tips to overcome such situations.
Love is one of the purest emotions in the world. Needless to say, the very idea of falling in love makes people do things they never thought they would do, and not do things they have always been doing.
Simply put, being in love is one of the best things that can happen to a single male―provided he has not committed to anyone and his proposed lady love is not already committed to someone else.
Cupid can strike anywhere, be it the neighborhood, college, the place one works in. However, various social and cultural norms prevent people from expressing their true emotions. Here are some tips―albeit very difficult to follow―to ensure that a single male does not become a housebreaker.

In Crowd Lies Strength

Love is a two way street, with a person falling for someone, or someone falling for the said person. So, if you are getting vibes of any unneeded romantic feelings, disappear into the surroundings. Avoid meeting the person alone. Make sure that you have at least one or more of your colleagues or friends around when he or she turns up.

Avoid Eye Contact

Try not to look at the person directly. This will only complicate matters. If you have fallen for the person, you will be nothing else but an Oscar-winning actor if you can hide the blush on your cheek and the hazy gaze in your eye when she gives that dimpled smile or bats her eyelids, or does anything that first made your heart go 'uhmm'.
If she has fallen for you, giving her eye contact will only help in increasing her hopes of someone actually opening the door when she comes knocking at your heart's door.

Speak of the Folks

One major reason for a single male trying not to fall in love is the girl in question being already committed or married. If you have fallen for the girl, talk to her about her family or her husband. This will only ensure that you always keep her married status in mind, or the father who is simply against you for some reason or the other.
If the girl has fallen for you, talking to her about her family and husband will make her take things in the right perspective. Try to actually praise her husband or family―it makes the girl think of exactly how great a life she's leading right now, and why she would not leave it for anything in this world.

Close Down, Forever

Come what may, do not ever concern yourself with her private and family life. To be more precise, turn a blind eye to the black eye that she brings with herself to the office or college.
Many species of the opposite gender are looking out for support and strength during those bad times in a marriage or a relationship. Speaking from experience, you will not be able to live with the fact that you 'got a girl while she was on the rebound'.
While these are important suggestions for not falling in love with a person, one of the first things that you should do personally is learn to live without the girl in question. There are umpteen ways of doing this―taking up a new hobby, socializing more with people you have already been socializing with, and so on and so forth.