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How to Approach Women

How to Overlook Unnecessary Nervousness and Approach Women

Knowing how to approach women helps in overcoming the nervousness and fear of rejection from women. There are different ways to approach women and impress them. So shed your inhibitions and fears, and get talking to the woman you've been secretly wishing to.
MenWit Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
How easy it would have been, if you just walk up to the woman you've been eying for a long time and crack up a witty one liner and she falls for you right then and there! Feels like a good dream, isn't it? Wake up guys, this is not a movie! Approaching a woman in the real world is not that simple, but not a herculean task either. Being a woman, I have witnessed so many incidents when a guy tried to approach but didn't have enough guts to do so. Sometimes guys just stare at women as if they are some specimens or like they are creepy murderers, or they just keep looking at you and smiling sheepishly. But the worst part is when they muster up some courage, and approach a woman, they just stand there without uttering a single syllable. How disgusting! And those cheesy (and many times weird) pickup lines that some guys come up with. (Give me a break!). Though it may seem like an uphill task, approaching the woman you like and striking a conversation is actually quite easy.

How to Approach Beautiful Women

Approaching beautiful women may seem like a near-impossible task, but with a little planning and oodles of common sense, this can be an easy one. Here are a few tips for talking to a woman
  • Be confident of yourself when you approach a beautiful woman. Your body language must ooze with confidence (even if you feel hesitant). Eliminate all the doubts about your abilities and think of all the talents and skills you have. You will naturally feel boosted.
  • When you approach a woman, go ahead and make the first move. Don't wait longer or else you may become tensed and start losing confidence. It may also make you look like a creepy stalker, so it is always better to make the first move.
  • Start a conversation about common interests, hobbies or about her job. When you talk avoid staring at her blankly. It may send her the wrong signals and she may rather back out from the conversation.
  • NEVER be anxious to get her contact number or ask her out on the first meeting itself, it will make it appear as if you are desperate. So concentrate on getting to know her better and making a friendship first.
  • Don't be forceful of your intentions, it may help you win her trust. After you had a good conversation, don't linger too long but exit gracefully. Be genuine in complimenting her about how much you enjoyed the time spent with her. She may even give you her number without you asking for it.
How to Approach a Woman in Public

Approaching women in public can seem discouraging but you can do it successfully with the right moves. Here are some techniques to approach women
  • If you want to approach a woman in public, you must choose the appropriate time. Never make your move when she is busy talking to someone or if she is with a large group.
  • Maintain eye contact or give her a smile when you look at her. If she responds with equal warmth, then you have hit the bull's eye, it means it's okay to start a conversation with her.
  • Break the ice with a simple 'Hi' and smile warmly. If you are meeting a woman at the market or grocery store, check out what's in her basket and start a simple conversation like 'Looks like beef steak is on the menu tonight'.
  • You can also get your male chivalry to work by helping her carry the bags. It can win her heart.
How to Approach Women at a Party

Use these tips to know the different ways to approach women in bars or in a club
  • When you approach a woman at a party or bar maintain eye contact till you reach her.
  • Compliment her on how good she looks but, please don't go overboard.
  • You can also offer to buy her a drink.
  • Have a good sense of humor and keep her entertained by cracking occasional jokes or passing funny comments. But make sure that the jokes are neat and not the jokes that you share with your friends
  • Before you leave you can exchange phone numbers and fix up a private date.
How to Approach Women at the Gym

Given below are a few tips on how to start a conversation with a woman while working out at the gym
  • Avoid approaching a woman who has just entered the gym or she has just climbed on the treadmill as she may be getting ready to workout.
  • If you see a woman who is exercising at the cardio machine, you can take your place on the machine next to hers and work up a conversation.
  • Another great way to start a conversation with women at the gym is to offer advice or suggestions on their exercise routine. You can also offer them some tips about how to make their workout more effective.
  • Join a class like yoga, or dance. If you meet the woman of your dreams, you can strike a friendship.
How to Approach a Woman Online

Follow these simple suggestions to know how to approach a woman anywhere, be it online or offline
  • Before you approach any woman online, make sure you read her profile and then send her an email.
  • Many women know what exactly they are looking for, which they include in their profile. Pick out something that she has said and tell her why you find it interesting.
  • Including your photo in your profile, will give her an idea of what type of a person you are.
  • Know what to converse and in the right manner so that it doesn't seem as if you are just playing around. Once you have started a conversation and on a path of building a relationship, you can allow the talk to take an informal path.
  • Don't exaggerate about yourself and don't lie either as it may be a turn off in case she is interested in you.
Women hate shabbily dressed men with a hideous beard or weird-looking characters sporting hundreds of tattoos and weird piercing (you may think it is cool but for women it's just another reason to avoid you). Take some extra effort to dress smartly and look good. The best aspect of approaching a woman is, to be just your natural self and not get panicky and nervous every time you come face to face with a good-looking woman. So be confident and go get her. Best of luck!