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How to Ask Someone on a Date: Show Genuine Interest in the Person

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 17, 2019
Asking someone out is the toughest task ever. Or may be not! Find out how to ask someone out on a date without making it a big deal.
Asking a girl out on a date, is a stupendous task. Even the bold men would agree that asking a girl out on a date makes him just as nervous as his shy counterpart. Many believe that women always play hard to get. However, on the contrary they give you innumerable chances too, to make the move.
You may be in a dilemma about 'what if' and 'why not' and 'how I wish'. But, if you can just follow your heart, taking her out on a romantic date will seem like a cakewalk.

It's No Big Deal

Try to change your perspective towards a date to make the task easy. For instance, a date is nothing but a planned meeting. If you think of it from this perspective, then half your worries will be solved and your self-confidence will be in a much better shape.
Breathe, stay calm, and chalk out a plan of action to ask this girl of your dreams to meet you once. Asking out someone out for a date is really not a big deal as you make it in your head.

Show Interest

For asking someone out on a date, it's very important that you show an interest in that person to a point where you generate curiosity. Simply put, the other person needs to take your cognizance and needs to know that you exist.
To do this, find out what she does, what are her interests, what are her extra-curricular activities, know more about her friend circle, and importantly try to be a part of them. Make your presence felt in every which way that you can.
If you really want to go from your first date to dating her, you need to know what her likes and dislikes are. This will give you enough topics to talk about on your first date too and help you know whether the two of you will be compatible.

Getting Closer

In the next stage you need to start being a part of everything that this girl does. If she is your classmate, help her out with her assignments, help her with her regular work and so on. This will make her come back to you whenever she needs anything.
This gesture will also make her think of you every time she is doing something. An important cue would be, if she is repeatedly keeps asking you for some help or favor or even your company, go ahead and ask her out on a date.

Hanging Out

It's crucial that you know the person well enough to make a move. Knowing the person, gives you a huge scope while planning your date. This will also help you decide whether the date has to be a splendid surprise or a mushy romantic getaway. So the time you are spending with her, right now, is an investment well done.
Know her as much as you can. Share your thoughts with her, hear her out, and get to know her in a way that no one understands her. After all, developing an emotional bond is very necessary to make a romantic bond.

Asking Out

The time has come for you to ask her out. You may think out of the box, but make sure you keep it simple. Women know that simplicity is profound.
Slip a note in a notebook, get a message written on her coffee, or just ask her out for a movie in the most casual way. The way you ask her out and what you do on the date will matter deeply in how your affair progresses from hereon.
Lastly, just be yourself and let her like you first for who you are. Allow her to see you as you are without any pretense or suspense. Hope these ways help you strike a flint to ignite a fire.