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Prep Yourself for Some Witty Tips on How to Attract a Girl

Gagan Dhillon Apr 19, 2019
The age-old dance of the sexes continues. Both the sides are trying to attract each other. While it is easier for women, men are constantly under the scanner. So this write-up is dedicated to all those guys who need a helping hand.
If you have spotted a stunner and you absolutely want to ask her out on a date but wondering how to attract her, then don't worry. Here are all the little things you need to figure out. Needless to say, prep yourself for a game of seduction and wit.

Ways to Attract a Girl

It is not always easy to attract a girl. You have to know little things, like what she likes, what puts her off, to be on the correct page. In most cases, guys already do the groundwork before stepping into the playing field.
In case you don't have the resources to gather the required 'intel' before you ask her out, these basic qualities that attract a girl, will help you recce the situation and bring things into perspective.


The trick is that you need to show that you are different than the other lot of guys, so work your charm. Have your manners in check, for example, open the door for her or the door of the car, pull out the chair for her to sit, etc.
Little things, like making sure that she doesn't get lost in a crowded sidewalk, will show her that you care without being too pushy. If you were wondering about how to attract her without saying a word, and you are friends with the girl, such courteous show of chivalry will definitely help you win her over.


All girls like guys who are confident, let your body language show it. Women appreciate men who have everything under control. Confident guys have a charm that girls find hard to resist, so be confident when you talk to her.
Don't be afraid to flirt, complement her, and strike up a meaningful conversation. If you are a funny guy, then don't be afraid to show her your funny side. This should help you if the girl already has a boyfriend.


Pay attention to your turn out. Be smartly dressed. It is said that a woman is judged by her hair and a man by his shoes, so please don't turn up casually for occasions that require a little more time deciding what to wear.
Remember a slight stubble is appreciated, but try not to look like a survivor from the TV series "lost". Little things, like clipped nails, polished shoes, and a good smelling cologne, go a long way in making the right impression. This is important to get noticed as a potential boyfriend.


Have a pleasing personality, but we all know that personality is not something that one can acquire in a day. So instead, try to show her the best sides of your personality.
Show genuine interest in her. Pay attention to what she says. Let her know that you genuinely want to get to know her. So show her the required amount of interest and respect. The most important thing is to never pretend to be someone you are not, don't fake it no matter what.


The conversation should be meaningful. Please don't start moral or controversial topics. If you want to attract a girl who already has a boyfriend; firstly, things will work in your favor only if she is unhappy with her current boyfriend.
In that case whatever you do, do not badmouth her boyfriend. Keep things as light and funny as possible and also try to get to know her through conversations.
These were some of the traits that can help you attract a girl. As far as going after someone else's girlfriend is concerned, there is a morality code and its best to follow it.
At the end of the day, it's about the girl and the relationship you share with her, so show her respect and treat her right. How to attract a girl is easy, but making it last is a completely different story.