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How to Be a Good Boyfriend

Rashida Khilawala Nov 20, 2018
There are many boys who require words of advice when it comes to being a good boyfriend. But if you keep a few things in mind, it is not a really difficult task.
Guys often believe that they are the best boyfriends on earth. Little do they know that their girlfriends are discussing them and trying to figure out their weird antics. Guys can make great boyfriends. However, there are few things that they need to keep in mind, and a few that they need to ignore.

What are Ways to be a Good Boyfriend?

Answer 1

A good boyfriend needs to be a good friend. Yes, guys often tend to forget that a good relationship should start and end with friendship. That is when it will last forever. Be her friend. But make sure you are not crude.
Be open to her weird wacky ideas and allow her to expose the child in her. If you let her be herself completely, she will reciprocate in the best way possible.
You can come up with some cute nicknames for your girlfriend to show her that you love the cute side of her as well.

Answer 2

Be romantic, but don't overdo it. Today's girls love their prince charming. However, you cannot ignore the fact that they have hectic routines too. Don't smother her with love when she is busy working on a tight deadline.
However, you can show much more affection by just sending her a text that you miss her and wish her all the best in finishing her work as fast as possible.
It is a thin line that you need to be conscious about. Remember the episode in F.R.I.E.N.D.S., wherein Ross lands up at Rachel's office with a picnic? Well, it didn't go well, did it? So, beware of overdoing it. But steer clear from not doing anything either. She needs to know that you are there, around, but not in her hair.

Answer 3

Always be punctual. Women are very wary of time and hate waiting. So, if you have committed a time to her, be there at that time. If you might get late, inform her in time. Girls hate guys who don't respect their time. More so, it is utterly ungentlemanly to make a lady wait. Always be there on time.
More so, if you are going out, try and refrain from using two vehicles. Travel in the same vehicle. It will help you spend more time together. More so, it is always better to pick up and drop a lady to and from home. This way, primarily, you are there to 'protect' her. It also makes the journey more intimate.
Being able to respect each other and the time is a secret to a healthy relationship. However, in case you are late, make sure you make a good save, give her a good reason (try to avoid lying, as she will catch it).

Answer 4

While caring and a slightly protective nature is completely fine with girls, jealousy about her friends is absolutely not. Give her space with her friends, even if it includes her ex-boyfriend. Realize that it is her world that she needs to retain to maintain her sanity.
More so, if you get overtly jealous and possessive, it will give her the impression that you don't trust her. That is simply insulting. If you have any reservations about her being with unknown people, then ask her to introduce you to her friends. In fact, meeting her friends and getting along with them will work in your favor.
However, be very careful to avoid flirting with any of her friends even in the slightest way. It won't go down well with her. Take help on how to deal with jealousy and possessiveness.

Answer 5

Realize that men and women are different. That will never change. So, don't try to change her and make her more like you. Let her be the way she is.
If you like a girl, but wish to change her when you get into a relationship with her, then stay away from her. You are allowed to give her suggestions, guidance, and protect her when she allows you to. But trying to manipulate and change her is just not right.
The rule applies to women as well. Love her for what she is. Love her with her flaws and in spite of them. This will be reciprocated to you in the most loving manner possible.
Just a little bit of carefulness, and you can be the best boyfriend on earth. Mind you, being the best boyfriend has a lot (seriously a lot) of privileges.