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How to Choose a Cologne for Men

This story will help you to choose a cologne for your loved ones, or even for yourself. Let's dig into it.
Thomas Wright Sep 23, 2019
According to science, a person's scent is an essential feature to consider, especially to catch a woman's attention. Besides dressing well and showing the right attitude, smelling nice is one of the ways to create your best impression.
With so many colognes and perfumes around, choosing the suitable cologne can be a crucial yet hard task to do. Fortunately, we can guide you in some ways on how to achieve the best cologne for men, as guided by Fragrance 365..!!

1. Have Basic Knowledge About Perfumes First

First, knowing the fragrance families is important. Usually, scents are categorized as floral, woody, or amber. Floral scents are flowery, woody scents come from sandalwood and cedar, while amber aromas are sweet and exotic.
It is important to know:
  • Composition - Also called notes, these are elements present in a perfume.
  • Release year - A perfume’s fluctuation has a great effect on its scent
  • Brand
  • Budget
  • Oil Content - categorized as Eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne

2. Consider the Personality

A person's choice of cologne is a reflection of his personality, so it is essential that the cologne should best represent the person. For those with a mysterious personality, amber scent is best as it represents nature and mysterious appeal. For those with an oozing charisma, woody scents are the best.
For those who are into sports and prefer "clean cuts", citric fragrances suit them. And finally, sweet men will release their romantic sides more with floral fragrances.

3. Another Guide Can Be Body Chemistry

Besides personality, the body's natural odor can be another factor in choosing men's cologne. For this, remember that the initial aroma or the scent right out of the bottle is not the one to consider. Rather, it is the aroma that stays in the skin long after spraying it.

4. A Person’s Location and Schedule

The geography and climate of a place can be another factor in choosing scents for men. Opt for light scents for people living in high humidity, and strong aromas for those living in areas of lower humidity.
If the person likes to be with people, he must use colognes that are less irritating and overpowering. If he loves to go to parties, a stronger scent is ideal for him.

5. Do Not Hesitate to Seek Second Opinions

If you are still uncertain, it is never bad to seek opinions of people. Ask trusted people, especially people of opposite genders can help if objective is to catch someone's attention. Checking sites like Fragrance 365 ..!! can help to get the best cologne for men.