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How to Ensure That a Suit Fits You Properly: A Must-read for Guys

Sonu S May 10, 2019
If you are thinking of buying a suit for a very important day, then you have to make sure that the suit fits you properly, before you actually buy it. Read on to ensure that you buy a suit that fits you properly.
A perfect fitting suit is one of the best things that a man can buy for himself. It can be termed as the corporate uniform, and some say it is the ultimate wedding outfit for men.
Generally, the suits that are tailored or altered, fit properly, the problem arises when you buy suits off the rack. Many men around the world rarely find perfectly fitting suits, when they shop off the rack.

How to Know if a Suit Fits You Well

You should know one thing, the cut (generally American, British or Italian) of your suit, highly influences the fitting of your suit. So, before you buy a suit, have a clear picture of what you want. When you say "suit", you usually refer to the jacket and the trouser. Here are a few tips that will help you to make sure that your suit has the best fit.

The Jacket

Your shirt can help you judge the fit of your jacket. Wear your "best" fitting shirt when you go out to shop for a suit i.e., your shirt should have the right shoulder fitting, and they should extend up to the start of your thumb.
Now, when you try out the jacket, button it, observe the following things:
  • The shoulder seams should perfectly match your shoulders.
  • A centimeter of the cuffs of your shirt should be visible.
  • Your bottom should be covered.
  • Your sleeves should not fall back beyond your wrist, when you extend your hand.
  • The lapels of the jacket should cover the edges of your collar (button your collar to check this).
  • The jacket should be snug, not too loose, nor too tight.
If your jacket does not conform to any of these points, then you can opt for an alteration, or simply go for another one. If your shoulders or lapels have a problem, never alter, just choose a different jacket, as alterations might not give you the desired results.

The Trousers

It is comparatively easy to judge the fitting of trousers, as you do not have many parameters to check. When you go out to shop, wear the shoes that you intend to wear with your new trousers.
There are only 2 things that you should pay attention to, they are:
  • The fitting at the waist should be proper, you should be completely comfortable.
  • Your trousers should extend till the top of the heel of your shoes.
If either (or both) of the conditions are not satisfied, you can go for an alteration. The fitting of your trousers is dependent on their shape, this shape is decided by the cut that you choose.
People often confuse comfortable with "good fit". Well, your over-sized tee shirt is also comfortable for you, but it definitely does not fit you well! In addition to comfort, a "good fit" also flatters your physique and highlights your features. You are the best judge, if the person in the mirror does not like the fitting of the suit, never buy it!
The salesperson can be of great assistance when you are out to shop for a suit, do not hesitate to ask him questions, he will eventually lead you to a suit that fits you right! Even if it takes time, find the right suit, do not compromise on the fitting!