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How to Get Girls to Want You

Neha Joshi Mar 12, 2019
Girls running away at the sight of you? What makes these girls treat you like just another guy they want to get away from? Let's find out.
There are times when you think you lack that something that keeps girls away. You look good, come from a good family, and basically you are a good guy. Then what makes girls walk the other way? Girls look for particular qualities in boys. These qualities attract girls.
However, not possessing these qualities does not mean that girls don't want you. They won't hate you, but they certainly won't treat you as a prospect.
Sometimes, just one thing about a human can be so repulsive, that it becomes impossible to even talk to him. These repulsive traits are retained by us knowingly or unknowingly. Now that we need to sharpen the edges and make changes for the good, let's just see how we can do them.


Be Yourself!

Nowadays, everyone wants to be someone else; but remember, individuality is a quality that every girl seeks. Be confident in your own skin and you will impress a lot of girls. Also, wanting to be someone else means you, yourself aren't good enough, isn't it? Work on your attitude and you'll see some instant changes.

Cautious Compliments

Girls love compliments. Every girl is going to think that you are a sweetheart once you shower her with some really nice compliments. However, one thing you need to note down here and remember forever, is to never go overboard with them. Overdoing anything will make the girls think you are desperately trying to get at something.

Good for Nothing isn't Good

You might think that being around girls all the time might get you a little lucky, but that really isn't going to help.
Remember, girls are smart and they think a lot. They will think that you have lot of time on your hands and nothing worthwhile to spend it on. This is surely a negative sign, isn't it? You should come across as someone who values time. This is another trait that will work positively for you.

Be a Friend

Yes, people of the opposite sexes can be good friends. In some cases, pure friendship can bloom into a romantic relationship.
She might like you and enjoy your company. But don't show her that you are desperate to take the relationship that far. Rather, get to know her and treat her with respect. If she also likes you, she will definitely give you a hint; take things forward from there.


Girls like guys that are reliable and trustworthy. The trick to gain your girl's trust is to get to know her well. Try to spend quality time with her and know about her interests, likes and dislikes, her family, and her friends.
Take care of her and respect her. It's important to compliment the woman in your life and make her feel special, but be genuine with your intentions. Because once a woman's trust is broken, it is hard to get it back. Make her feel comfortable and happy in the relation you share with her. This is the best way to build a healthy and trustworthy relationship.

Take Efforts

If you want a girl to want you, do small things to make her happy. If it's her birthday, you can throw a surprise birthday party for her or maybe just surprise her with a beautiful gift. Take efforts to compliment her and appreciate her about the small things she does; she will really feel elated.

Flirting Tactics

If you want to make girls notice you, and/or approach you, the magic formula lies in some good and well-timed flirting. You need to take flirting to a whole new level and impress the girl with some witty one liners and nice compliments.

Friends First

If you like a girl, the best way to know her is through her friends. So get to know her friends first. The first people girls approach for suggestions and opinions are friends, so you'd want to play safe.
Do not go out of your way to impress them, but what you can do is make a sincere effort to be liked by everyone. Girls are very careful when it comes to choosing someone their friends don't like.


Girls like guys who will always be there for them. Respect her, always listen to all her problems, and make her feel comfortable. This is one of the best ways to get a girl to like you. If you show interest in what she is saying, she'll definitely be impressed.
Hope these tips will work for you. The best way to get girls to want you is to be honest and confident about yourself.