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How to Grow a Beard

Attention Guys! Here's How to Grow a Beard and Maintain it Well

The process of growing a beard requires some precautions and care to be taken in order to attain a good and neat look. This write-up deals with information about how to grow a beard and possible problems that might crop up in the process of doing so.
Shashank Nakate
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Growing a beard has always been a matter of interest among men. Nowadays, the demands and obligations of a fast-paced life often hold back people from growing a beard. However, there are many other reasons apart from time-scarcity for not growing a beard; some of these are as follows: rough look offered by a beard, difficulty in maintaining the beard, social stigma, etc. However, the external factors shouldn't bother you too much if you are really interested in growing a beard. Tips presented in this write-up should help you understand the process of growing a beard and caring for it effectively.
Beard Growing Tips
The process of growing a beard and shaping it is not that difficult provided you take the necessary care. There are three basic steps to be followed in the process of growing a beard. The first one is to allow the beard to grow for at least 4 weeks. Second step is to endure or bear the growing period of the beard. Third and final step is that of care and maintenance; it is an ongoing phase which continues forever.
Allowing the Full Growth
The beard should be allowed to grow to its maximum length. It may take around 4-5 weeks for the beard to attain its full growth, after which the work of shaping and maintenance begins. In the initial phase of beard growth, the uneven hair growth makes the face to appear rugged; in this phase you may also fall to the temptation of completely shaving off the beard. However, it is advisable to stay patient and take proper care of the beard. If you feel too embarrassed to go out with a rugged look, it is better to grow the beard at the start of a long vacation. Winter vacation is considered the best time to grow a beard. The cool winter weather coupled with the leisurely atmosphere of vacations allows you to experiment with the process of growing a beard. Also, it is quite easy to carry the informal look without feeling awkward during the vacations. Depending on the length and density of facial hair, you could adopt a suitable style for your beard. The styles of beards mainly include the full beard, chin strap, goatee, soul patch, etc. You could pick the one which best suits your face. Remember one thing that even for growing a simple goatee, you should first allow facial hair to grow to their full length.
Itching and Other Problems
Itching is one of the common problems experienced in the process of growing a beard. At times, you may feel irritated and think of giving up the whole exercise of beard growing. However, it is advisable to continue with this activity using a shampoo or conditioner. It makes the hair softer and gentle; it also reduces irritation and itching problems to some extent. One can also think about using moisturizer solutions for facial skin care.
Maintenance and Care
Approaching a professional barber is the best way to take care of your hair. One might also think of grooming the beard at home; it is possible to take proper care of the beard at home, provided you maintain it in a clean state. A mild shampoo or conditioner should be used for the purpose of cleaning. After cleaning the beard, it must be combed well for giving a proper shape. Investing in the trimming tools won't be a waste of money because they come in handy for shaping the beard.
Growing the Beard Faster
A beard tends to grow faster if eucalyptus oil is applied to it. Eucalyptus oil does the work of stimulating the epidermal layer of skin thereby, facilitating faster hair growth. Intake of the recommended dose of 2.5 mg/day of biotin also speeds up hair growth. Biotin is a nutritional supplement which helps promote the growth of facial hair pretty quickly. The daily nutritional needs for healthy hair growth are specified below:
  • 50 mg each vitamins B3, 5, 6, and 12
  • 15,000 IU vitamin A
  • 800 IU vitamin E
  • 50 mg Biotin
  • 2 g vitamin C
Note: Intake of the above-mentioned vitamins in excess can have harmful effects on the body. It is better to consult a doctor and follow the recommended guidelines.
Providing the body with required nutrition is the best way to promote hair growth. However, you may also want to try out some of the simple yet effective techniques like exfoliation which promote faster hair growth. Exfoliation is one of the commonly used techniques for removal of dead skin and opening the skin pores. Steam is also used to open the pores; it promotes the healthy growth of hair. The process of hair growth is closely linked to stress experienced by the body. Stress can have a negative effect on the rate of hair growth. The hair tend to become weak and brittle due to excessive stress. Meditation and breathing exercises help in dealing with stress quite effectively.
Growing a beard is considered a matter of pride in some cultures while a social stigma in few. The interest in growing a beard has however, survived all kinds of social stigmas and different traditions of the world. Thus, taking into consideration the interest of readers, this article provides an idea of how to grow a beard.
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