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Guys! Best Styling Secret Tips on How to Grow a Mustache Perfectly

How to Grow a Mustache
A mustache is considered to be a sign of manliness (Mr. Schwarzenegger may strongly disagree though!). Although there is no magic trick to get a thick mustache overnight, a few pointers will help you to grow a luxuriant mustache.
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Each individual male has a specific rate at which his mustache grows, and this depends on a lot of natural factors that are beyond his control. There are certain techniques that can make a mustache grow faster, but the success of these methods cannot be predicted accurately. Simply put, they work for some people while they don't for others. As a person grows older, the rate of growth of the mustache tends to become faster, but, till that stage is reached, the individual has to be satisfied with the whiskers, or the 'upper lip peach fuzz' that he is naturally endowed with. But after seeing some other people of the same age with a larger and denser mustache, an individual may be tempted to explore options.
Tips on Growing a Mustache
Shave Regularly
It's no secret that some males have a faster growth rate, and some even start shaving very early in their lives. For those who don't have hair growth that is thick enough, you could try shaving off your facial hair regularly for a while, and keep it moisturized to help stimulate the hair follicles. The first thing that you need to do when setting out to grow a mustache is to decide the shape and style of the mustache that you want.
Style Correctly
Start shaving around that area and style the mustache correctly. It is the area between your nose and your upper lip where your mustache will grow, so you obviously cannot continue shaving that spot. Apply some moisturizer and lotion to that area, and make sure it gets some sunlight as well! If you are using some facial products, try not to scrub the area of the mustache too hard.
Groom Appropriately
Lastly, you need to take into consideration the grooming of the mustache. A wild unkempt mustache looks really unpleasant, so take some efforts to groom the mustache properly. Have a look at it each morning as required, snip off some uneven portion of it. By doing so, you will ensure that it looks groomed and sophisticated.
How to Grow a Thicker Mustache
Use Testosterone Supplements
You could try a testosterone booster supplement to grow a thicker mustache, although it isn't recommended, and definitely not without consulting a doctor. Testosterone is a male hormone, and is primarily responsible for the rate of hair growth. If you supplement some testosterone booster in your diet, you can increase the rate of growth of your mustache to a certain degree. This might not work for everyone, but it could certainly boost the rate of hair growth a little bit at least.
Increase Testosterone Naturally
~ Biotin (sources: liver, leafy greens, raw egg yolk, peanuts, etc.)
~ Vitamin A (sources: eggs, carrots, spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, milk, mangoes, cheddar cheese, etc.)
~ Vitamin B3 (sources: beef, fish, eggs, dates, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, nuts, tofu, etc.)
~ Vitamin B5 (sources: meats, whole grains, broccoli, yeasts, etc.)
~ Vitamin B6 (sources: meats, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, bananas, etc.)
~ Vitamin B12 (sources: meats, fish, eggs, poultry products, soy products, energy products, etc.)
~ Vitamin C (sources: range of plant, animal and food sources)
~ Vitamin E (sources: avocados, sunflower oil, pumpkin, Kiwi fruit, broccoli, mangoes, tomatoes, papayas, etc.)
Apart from these inclusions in your diet, it is also necessary to get enough sleep, and also to avoid stress as much as possible. Lack of sleep and an excess amount of stress can greatly hamper the growth rate of a mustache. The exact reason for this correlation is yet unknown, but the roots of it can be found in the fact that the growth of a mustache is a natural human process, and if the body of an individual is healthy and fit, the rate of growth will be faster.

Here are 3 tips that supposedly work, depending on the body type and the lifestyle habits of a particular individual:

~ Eating beef helps, as it contains a lot of hormones that aid in the process of hair growth. The primary hormone for mustache growth, testosterone, is also contained in large quantities in beef.
~ Some say that even drinking more milk can aid in mustache growth. Milk contains calcium which makes the bones larger. The density of the bones is directly related to the rate of growth of a mustache, according to tests done.
~ Massaging the area where you want facial hair can also help you grow a mustache faster. This stimulates the hair follicles in that area, which is helpful in mustache growth.

Again, you might want to take these tips with a pinch of salt, as this is not based on any scientific or proven data. You must remember that growing a mustache is a task that can only be done once the hair growth is flourishing. mustaches that are made out of fuzzy growth look quite silly, and it is therefore better to wait for some time before growing one. In the meanwhile, you could always grab hold of a pen and draw that perfect mustache for yourself. The finger mustache seems to have really caught on!

P.S. - This is in no way meant to promote the consumption of meat. No animals or humans were harmed in writing this article!
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