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You'll Thank Us for Letting You Know How to Iron a Necktie Properly

How to Iron a Necktie Properly
Knowing how to tie a tie well is essential for most men, but did you know that when it comes to making the tie look immaculate, it is of equal importance to know how to iron a tie too, if ever in need. For those of you that aren't too aware about that, take a look at how to iron a tie properly.
Komal Bakhru
Last Updated: Dec 14, 2018
Neck Tie
A good looking necktie can add appeal to a man's attire like nothing else can. There is one little drawback to that though. Not every guy out there knows how to tie a tie.
However, for those who do know how it's done, a smart tie has a charm of its own. Surely the tie cannot be creased or crumpled, because if it is, there definitely is no charm in that. Very surely a lot of you may wonder why someone would even be curious regarding how to iron a tie, after all, it is just another piece of clothing, isn't it?
Well it sure may be a clothing accessory, but the basic care of a tie goes way beyond that of ordinary clothes. In fact, as far as possible, a tie should be so well maintained that it doesn't even require ironing.
For whatever reason though, if it is required, there is a specific way to go about it, and if you are looking for your tie to stay in perfect condition, here is the technique for ironing your necktie properly.
Ironing a Necktie the Right Way
The first most important thing to bear in mind when looking to iron a necktie is to check the fabric that it is made of. Different fabrics will have different ironing requirements and heat settings. The method regarding how to iron a silk tie will be different from that of ironing one made of cotton, wool or some other blend.
Senior adult man about to iron a tie
The next thing to be done is to ensure that the ironing board is clean and has no stains on it, only so that the tie doesn't get soiled too.
If for any reason you do think that the area that you will be using to iron the tie isn't as clean as it should be, place a clean white cloth there and then place the tie over it.
Mature man ironing a tie
After the elementary instructions, it's time to move on to ironing the tie. Make sure you check the tag to find out what the heat settings should be like.
Fabrics like silk or polyester require a cool setting. Wool would require a medium setting, and cotton works best with a high temperature setting. Once that's been decided, make sure you place a white cloth even on top of the tie before actually getting down to ironing it.
Once you've taken care of the mentioned, start with ironing the smaller end of the tie. Also take care that the tie has been laid down with the back of the tie on the top.
Necktie in a roll
Apart from this, the most important factor is that of maintaining the rolled edges of the tie, because if not done properly, the tie could lose its original rolled look and will flatten out because of the ironing.
In order to preserve that look, make sure you hold the iron at least an inch above your tie and get rid of the creases by simply using your fingers while using the steam from the iron.
Ironing Without an Iron
Keep in mind that even though the ironing method given could be used when absolutely essential, it is better to stay away from doing so. A better method of getting rid of the creases however, is to do so without the use of an iron. For those of you who don't know how to iron a tie without an iron, take a look at how it's done.
Although the methods to follow do not qualify as ironing, they most certainly help get rid of the creases that you may find on your tie, and will help smoothen it out in no time.
The first of many methods is by very simply rolling it up for a few hours. Resorting to this method may not seem very effective, but give it a shot and wait patiently for a few hours, and you'd be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
The next thing that you could try is using steam from the shower. This is in fact one of the best techniques that you could resort to when looking to make your tie wrinkle free in no time.
Man in dressing room
All you need to do is keep it hanging in the room while you take a shower, but also be careful that it doesn't get wet. Once you're done taking a shower, go ahead with straightening out the tie with your hands. Leave it for a while after that and you have a perfectly smooth tie.
All these are some of the best ways to have a perfectly smooth looking tie. For better care and maintenance of the tie it is also a good idea to send it to the cleaners at least once a year. Storing the tie well in the first place is however, the best way to go about taking care of it.
If for any reason though, you think that the tie could use some ironing, try any of the given methods, and you shall be good to go in no time.