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How to Look Good in a Suit

Read This If You're Wondering How to Look Good in a Suit

You might think it is easy to know how to look good in a suit, but sadly, it isn't. Here, we tell you how to look good in one, by first telling you how to buy one and then, how to wear one, depending on your body type. A must read for all men!
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2018
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A man who doesn't wear his suit right, isn't a man of style. The suit is perhaps the only formal attire in menswear, more the reason why you should know how to wear it properly.
When you look at Pierce Brosnan in his suits, there is a style you fail to match, no matter at what price you purchased that suit. Similarly, when you see Marc Jacobs in a suit, there is a simple yet powerful visual aspect we notice. In both cases, you need to understand that the highest marks go to the fitting.
When you learn how to look good in a suit, you also have to understand that the entire look is important and not just the suit. Most men buy their suits without much thinking and once you buy the wrong suit, you can't do much about it. From picking up a suit that will suit yourself, to the appropriate hairstyle you need to carry, everything is right here.
4 Simple Steps to Look Great in a Suit
Now, there are many occasions where you would like to wear a suit. The most common are a wedding and a job interview. Both these occasions demand different suits and wearing styles. Suits for weddings are more casual and usually single-breasted. Office wear suits are more fitted to the body and can be both, single and double-breasted.
When You Shop for One
When you go to buy a suit, the first thing you need to remember is, try every suit you like. Sometimes, you know the measurements so well that you don't even try it!
After you try the suit, you should be able to swing your hands, sit on a chair (with the suit buttoned), bend and pick up something from the ground and turn around from your waist without any discomfort. If you can do all this, it means that the suit isn't affecting your movement.
The gap between your neck and the collar should 1cm at the maximum. When you swing your hands, the sleeves shouldn't shrink at the wrist. The vest shouldn't exceed the waistband. The cuffs should end at your wrist and, in the case of French-cuffs, a little further.
When You Put it On
As mentioned, the way a suit looks on you, is due to the perfection in the fitting. Analyze your body type and decide whether you fall in the short or tall category. If tall, you should pick up double-breasted jackets and if you're short, it should be the single ones.
All the buttons on the shirt, should be buttoned up. On the jacket, the placement of buttons work differently for different body types. The last button, the one at the bottom, should always be unbuttoned. Rest, the choice is yours. However, on the entire suit, one button has to be buttoned up!
If you are obese, choose a jacket type that has buttons starting lower on the jacket. This will make your look less stout. The sleeves of your shirt should, at all times, cover your watch. For the pants, they should fit in such a way that the breeze doesn't affect or set them to flap and, they should, on their own (without the jacket), look just fine.
When You Buy What Goes with It
The accessories you wear with the suit, influence your look majorly. Your shoes should always match your belt, always! When it comes to the belts, always have a black one on. For light brown shades in suits, go for a dark brown leather belt. The buckle of your belt, usually silver or gold, should match your watch and at times, cufflinks too.
The tie you wear should never stand out from the suit. In short, it shouldn't take away the glory. For formal dance parties, stick to a bow and dinner jacket. No hats and no sunglasses for the night! Tip: The suit should be the darkest, then the tie and then the shirt.
When You Talk Looks
Your suit doesn't only have to be pressed, but steamed as well after every single wear. Style your hair properly when in a suit and give it a neat combed look. Not a single hair should be out-of-place.
Your face needs to be fresh, not dry and not oily. Nails should be cut and the cuticles, cleaned. Say, "NO!", to deodorant and strictly stick to a cologne, something close to musk. Last but not the least, use mouthwash one last time before stepping out.
Now that you know how to look good in a suit, make sure you follow all the tips and tricks mentioned. Remember, the fitting should be never compromised on. Keep trying different suits, till you find the one that fits you the best, like your own skin. Wear pastel colors for weddings and stick to black, gray and brown for interviews. Remember, Keep It Stylish!