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How to Make a Girl Blush

How to Make a Girl Blush: Compliments, PDA, Pampering, and More

To see a girl blush is a delightful sight; her cheeks take on an instant glow, her smile lights up her face, and you're left wondering how to further make her happy. Let's take a look at how you can make her blush by doing something nice for her, or simply by saying the right thing.
Indrajit Deshmukh
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Did you know that blushing is actually brought on by a feeling of self-consciousness and embarrassment? Adrenaline gushes through us, resulting in all kinds of odd chain reactions that occur within the body. Strange. Nonetheless, we're not here to give you tips on how to embarrass a girl, but to catch her off guard by doing something that leaves her surprised and appreciative. Let's see how you can make her blush, shall we?
Compliments; Simple Yet Impactful
There's nothing like a compliment to make a girl blush instantly. Whether it's how she looks, dresses, speaks, or the idiosyncratic traits she carries that you find adorable̵a compliment goes a long way, especially a genuine one. Pay attention to how she dresses, speaks, wears her hair, acts, and thinks, and you'll find plenty of reasons to compliment her.
Do Something Outrageous
Ever been spontaneous enough to do something wild? Like book an entire park just for an hour so that you can have the place to yourselves? Well, that's exactly what we mean! Do something that is so out of character that she's left speechless and in absolute shock. In a good way, of course! It doesn't have to be an expensive gesture, just something so incredibly sweet, she'll never look at you the same way again.
You could prepare an entire meal yourself with help from someone who knows how to cook, proving to her that she's worth the trouble. Set it up on the terrace of your apartment building―with permission of course from the landlord―and lead her upstairs, blindfolded. This idea will work wonders for you if you don't know squat about cooking. Managing to pull it off with finesse in spite of your limitations will leave her more than impressed.
Public Displays of Affection
We're not talking about sweeping her off her feet and planting a big smooch on her. Visit a blimp company and pay them to display a cute message for her from up above. If it's too expensive an idea or not possible, look for a company that can place the message on a bus (have it circulate the area for half an hour), where she see it as it passes by; the rates may still be a tad expensive, but it's probably cheaper than a blimp.
She'll be shell-shocked, no doubt, but imagine how thrilled she'll be after she's done profusely blushing. Not convinced? Do something crazier like hiring a graffiti artist and paying him to do an entire wall of art in a particularly crowded area, where she can see it on her way to a place she frequents. While it's not exactly legal to perform graffiti on public property, you can sneak out into the night and have it done quietly on a wall that isn't part of a high-rise or apartment building.
Send Her Random Bouquets
Choose a random day in the month to send her flowers, where the anticipation to receive the next one should leave her curiouser by the day. You can sometimes send her a little something special along with the bouquet to further brighten up her morning, like a hot cup of Joe or a mini pouch of her favorite sweet treat, or better yet, a box of donuts that she can distribute at the office, where everyone is bound to fire off compliments on how lucky she is to have you as a boyfriend or friend.
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