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How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy: Make Her Feel Really Special

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy
If you are a guy who is in a new relationship, there is probably nothing that acts as a bigger priority than keeping your significant other pleased at all times. Check out some tips to ensure that you are able to keep your girlfriend happy.
Rahul Pandita
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Knowing how to keep your girlfriend happy seems so easy, so difficult. Girls often complain that guys pretend to be nice and courteous during the courtship days, but after some time they start taking things for granted. Well guys may deny this charge with some well thought-out reasons like, "Our relationship has matured over the years", or "You have had a calming effect on me", and in some cases, guys might be right, but they have to also keep in mind that women like to be taken care of and even a nice little compliment in between can bring a smile on their faces.
Oscar Wilde famously said that "Women are never disarmed by compliments. Men always are. That is the difference between the sexes", so compliments alone may not help you. There's something more you should do, to keep your girlfriend happy. Let's see what...
Tips to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy
Loyalty is the best policy
If you want to keep your girlfriend happy, be loyal to her, it is as simple as that. We know that those occasional flings are too hard to resist, but those can have catastrophic effects on your relationship. Being loyal doesn't really mean that you won't be infatuated by other women, but what it really means is that every time you become vulnerable, remember there is someone who loves you and trusts that you won't do any wrong. Faithfulness should be looked upon as a virtue rather than a lethargy of custom.
Sweet nothings
Start the day with a good morning message and wish her a great day ahead. If you have a busy schedule and don't really have time to talk, text messages can always be a great option. Tell her that you miss her and are looking forward to spend some quality time with her. With the help of some nice love things to say to your girlfriend, you can ensure that she is happy and excited with the relationship.
The first date
To break the monotony, try meeting her with the same vigor and excitement with which you had met her for the first time. Dress the way you used to in your courtship days and propose to her once again. A romantic evening can bring life back to your relationship. Public displays of affection will also make her feel happy and special.
All of us like to be gifted but women seem to have an extraordinary fascination for them. No surprises then that the best way to make your girlfriend happy is to surprise her with some cute gifts. If you are someone who is not good at expressing your feelings then gifts are the ideal way to make her happy. We can't really advice you what you should gift her as women seem to have varied tastes and it essentially depends upon your girlfriend's personality type. If you have been in a relationship long enough, you might exactly know what gifts would make her happy.
In a relationship, there are always moments when saying sorry becomes a prestige issue. Both the partners feel that they aren't the one to be blamed, so there is no way they are going to apologize. Well, remember that someone needs to budge otherwise the issue may keep lingering on. You have to remember that the person on the other side loves you earnestly, so your ego should never come in between the relationship.
Make her laugh
A good sense of humor can really turn the clumsiest moments into moments of benevolence. In a relationship, there will always be situations wherein both partners will get worked up, but as a boyfriend, it is your responsibility to make her see the funny side of it. Laughter can work as an elixir in troubled times and help your relationship to flourish.
These were some tips that can help you in making your girlfriend happy. We haven't stated anything that you might not know but as we said earlier that over a period of time in a relationship, we get so used to things that we start taking the other person for granted. It is essential that we always put in an effort to make our relationship much more special. We hope this article would have helped you with some information on keeping your girlfriend happy.
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