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How to Meet Women

Girija Shinde Mar 14, 2019
How to meet women is a question plaguing every guy. There are just a few things which should be kept in mind, and the rest falls right in place. Here are a few things which will surely make your first meet an occasion to remember!
Women, almost unanimously are known as one of the most complex beings on earth! Actually it is not so. Women are as simple as men, but a bit smarter than what men believe them to be. They know exactly when to smile and when to frown. They are also known to possess 'sixth sense' which makes them alert whenever a guy is trying to make his famous 'moves'.
So what happens exactly, when a woman's sensory alarm and her vanity (trust me, every woman has at least a tiny bit of it!) awaken at the same time? And there is no need to tell what happens when vanity surfaces! Anyway, don't you be perplexed. With the following tips, you can fight all the confusion.

How You Can Meet Women

Here are common places where you can meet women. Also mentioned are tips, you can use to meet women at these places.

At the Gym

A gym is one of the most common places to meet women. There are certain advantages of meeting single women in gym, one is that she is in her original look, i.e., without any makeup and as she is a member of the gym, you will be able to meet her regularly! Well, there are many ways to impress girls in a gym.
You can approach her when she is finding trouble working on some machine or give her company when she is doing cardio. You can also opt for some common classes like aerobics or yoga. The trick is to be around her, but not like a bee. Mingle with other people as well.

In Bars, Lounges, and Discos

First and foremost, dress well. You don't have to look like Robert Patterson, but you can dress smartly enough. Your clothes should be well-ironed and you should also smell good.
Once you see the right girl, do not rush over to her. Wait for some time, let her be alone, and then approach her. Asking her for a dance can also be a good approach. You are allowed to use your flirting skills here, but not too much. Be casual and most importantly, calm. Show that you are having fun.
Avoid crowded places, almost every bar has an outdoor lounge which is generally quiet. You can take her there. Talk about general subjects, like her interests, her beauty, etc. And yes, flirting is important, otherwise you may get caught in the 'just friends' trap!

After College

There are two meanings to this question, either you are trying to meet some specific girl who was in college, or you don't know how to meet women, when they are not around you (like that in college). The answer to the first question will be to contact her on social networking sites or get in touch with her best friend and arrange some get-together.
For the second case, there are so many options! Firstly, get out of the house and go to places to meet women, like grocery shops, gyms, hobby classes, net, etc. Once you choose your girl, all you have to do is use your conversational skills and some humorous plus romantic pick up lines!


There are numerous online dating services and all you have to do is click on them. If you are not so keen about them, you can opt for chat rooms.
There are online chat rooms for singles as well as chat rooms catering to different interests. You can join a chat room of your choice where you are sure to find someone with the same interests. Also, remember to make your profile interesting with an interesting picture and some information about yourself.
When you meet someone you think you like, make it a point to be in touch with her. Talk about different topics, share pictures, videos, etc. This will be more than enough.
To avoid cheating, make sure that she is the same girl she is portraying. Web cameras are a good option to take care of this. You can also make some of her close friends your friends, as through them you can get to know more about her.
The key is to be yourself, be confident, and not overuse any of your 'flirting' skills. Just remember, women get impressed by men who are genuine. All the best!