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How to Talk to a Girl You Like

Rahul Thadani Mar 12, 2019
There are many things you need to keep in mind when you are learning how to talk to a girl you like. Here are some tips and pointers on how to achieve this.
There is a surprisingly large amount of information on the Internet about introducing yourself to someone you like. In spite of this, there are many guys who still haven't figured out the right way to speak to a girl they like, or what to say to her.
The first and most important thing you need is confidence. If you are comfortable in your own skin and bold enough to sustain a long and meaningful conversation, then half the battle is already won. This is far easier said that done, though, as most of the time, nervousness sets in. Here are some ways to help you with this.

Be Polite and Courteous

The truth of the matter is that every girl loves to feel special, so all you have to do is talk politely and be chivalrous. Never use swear words, talk slowly and courteously, and she will appreciate it.

Make Interesting Conversation

What you say is more important than how you say it. Do not go on about inconsequential things, try to stimulate her mind, instead. Crack a good joke, talk about books, music, movies, or anything else that she likes. She should feel that you are interesting and have knowledge of the world, instead of someone who only loves to talk about himself.

Opening Lines

How you start a conversation is also a very important aspect, so you need to choose your opening line, carefully. Start off with some simple greetings and salutations and ask her how she's doing. Witty opening lines are also an option, but they do not work for everyone.

Compliment Her

Compliment her on small things; things not everybody will notice. This will be appreciated by her. Girls love to be complimented and to feel special. If you can provide her with such a feeling, even in a small conversation, you are doing well for yourself.

Get to Know Her

If the conversation is carrying on beyond just a simple greeting, start getting to know her. Do this after talking to her a few times, not immediately. Ask her about her hobbies, her likes and dislikes, where she's from, and any other thing that you would like to know about her.

Follow Up

If you end up having an interesting conversation with a girl you like, you need to follow it up. Get her number and ask her if you can give her a call. You can even ask her if she would like to meet up sometime.
Once you have her number, you can talk to her via text messaging. You need to ensure that she does not forget you, so the faster you act, the better it will be.
However, you cannot learn all this by simply reading about it. You need to go out there and actually talk to girls. Do not feel shy or embarrassed about anything. Build up your confidence and you will be fine.