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How to Trim a Beard

How to Trim a Beard Right and Get That Masculine Look

Growing a beard definitely gives any man a matured and rugged look. However, keeping the beard in good shape and well-groomed is equally important. Here is a MenWit post that will give you helpful tips to trim your beard at home.
Parashar Joshi
Last Updated: May 9, 2018
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Men think of growing their beards for a number of reasons. Some want to look like Russell Crowe as he did in the movie Gladiator, others want to impress their ladies, whereas a few simply wish to avoid the daily headache of shaving their facial hair. If you are a man who wants to look tough, masculine, and bring in the hipster vibe, then we've got you covered.
Trimming your beard on a regular basis and following good hygiene is important simply because a shabby and ill-maintained beard will not help you achieve the vibe you're searching for. There are two proper ways to trim a beard:
  1. Pair of scissors
  2. Electric beard trimmer

Depending on the kind of beard style you wish to adopt, you can select either of the methods.
Using a Pair of Scissors
beard trimming with scissors comb
Firstly, you need to have the following items at hand:
  • Pair of barber scissors
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Small fine-toothed comb
  • Magnifying mirror
  1. You must ideally wash your beard before you trim it. If you are in a hurry, you can opt for washing it with regular soap, or else you can wash with a mild shampoo and condition it. In case you didn't know, shampooing and conditioning your beard is an important part of facial skin care for men.
  2. Pat your beard dry before you proceed.
  3. Generally, scissors are used for minor trimming and adjustments. If you have a thick and heavy beard, then scissors will be of use to you only if you want to trim it marginally, or if you want to get rid of a few stray hair.
  4. Run a wide-toothed comb through your beard along the length of the hair, i.e. in the direction of hair growth. This will help in removing tangled hair, if any.
  5. For the sake of symmetry, you should finish trimming the beard on one side of your face before you proceed to the other side. Starting from just below the ear, trim only the hair that you see above the surface of the comb.
  6. Slowly the run the comb down the sides of your face and continue trimming in a uniform manner.
  7. Stop once you reach the base of your chin.
  8. Check your face in the mirror and see whether you've trimmed enough.
  9. If you feel you need to trim it a bit more, repeat the above step.
  10. Once you are satisfied with the result, follow the same set of steps to trim the beard on the other side of your face.
Using an Electric Trimmer
beard trimming with electric trimmer and comb
Firstly, you need to have the following items at hand:
  • Electric Trimmer
  • Wide-toothed comb
  • Small fine-toothed comb
  • Magnifying mirror
  1. An electric trimmer is often a convenient way of trimming a beard, especially if you find the comb and scissors method to be too cumbersome or unsatisfactory.
  2. Get hold of a good quality beard and mustache trimmer which has multiple blades and which provides features for different levels of trimming.
  3. Go through the user guide to thoroughly understand what type of blade is suitable for what length and style of beard.
  4. Once you know what blade is suitable for your purpose, attach it to the beard trimmer.
  5. Wash and dry your beard before you begin trimming it.
  6. Run a comb through your beard to remove any tangles.
  7. Now, switch on the beard trimmer and starting from the base of your ear, run it slowly down the side of your face until you reach the base of your chin.
  8. Once you are satisfied with the outcome, repeat the same on the other cheek.
  9. Finally, use a pair of scissors and the fine-toothed comb to trim your mustache, if necessary.
Beard Styles to Try
If you would like some suggestions on trimming your beard in a stylish way, here are some styles to consider from.
patchy trimmed beard
close trimmed beard
trimmed beard with military hair
trimmed beard on cheeks neck
african american man with trimmed beard
long trimmed beard
Thankfully, trendy beards are in vogue when it comes to contemporary men's fashion. If you wish to try out some new and innovative beard styles, you should ideally consider getting it done at a salon.
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