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How to Win a Girl's Heart

Aastha Dogra Nov 20, 2018
Want to know how to win a girl's heart? Well, you are at the right place. Here are different ways to win the attention and love of the girl of your dreams.
We all have our secret crushes sometime or the other. What to do in such a situation? You can't just sit and dream about her and expect her to like you back just the way you do.
First and foremost, she has to know that you exist. Secondly, you have to possess certain qualities that every girl looks for in her man. Here are a few of these desirable qualities.

Be Well-groomed

The biggest turn off for any girl would be a guy who wears smelly socks, has unkempt hair. So, keep yourself clean and be well-dressed.

Make Eye Contact

While talking to the girl you are interested in, make sure that you have your eyes only on her.
If you keep on checking out all the girls that pass by, it will give her a perception that you are not somebody whom she can trust or that you are not much into her. So, while talking to her give her your full attention.

Be Chivalrous

You might be thinking that today's women are independent and hence, do not look for a prince charming who will protect them or take care of them. Well, if you do think on those lines, let us tell you how wrong you are.
Every girl in her heart of hearts wants a guy who will be her knight in shining armor. The one who will sweep her off her feet and protect her from the rest of the world. So, be chivalrous, i.e. open doors for her, pull a seat for her, offer her your jacket in case she is feeling cold, drop her home if she is late, and so on.

Share Her Interests

Most of the boys are into sports, gadgets, and other such things which girls have no interest in. Pay attention and show some interest in whatever she likes. If she likes dancing, take her out to a disc or if she likes to read, gift her a book of her favorite author.

Be Humorous

Most girls are suckers for funny jokes and stories. If you can share jokes with her, make her laugh especially when she is feeling sad or low, you have already won her heart!

Do Rather than Say

It is easy to say 'I love you' or 'I will do this for you', but translating all the words into action is much more important to a girl.
By paying attention to her smallest desires, actions, and words you will matter much more to her than some empty words. However, this in no way means that you should not express your love for her. The best way to win her heart is to compliment her on her looks.
If your girlfriend is angry with you over something, simply go and talk to her. Apologize to her and sound very genuine when you do that. She may not come back to you immediately but if she really loves you, she is sure to take you back eventually.
Of course, provided you are consistent in your efforts to woo her again and that you do not repeat the same mistake that you committed earlier.
Every girl is different, and hence, their likings will also be different. So, the ways to win a girl's heart cannot be generalized. But still, the mentioned ways are sure to help you in getting your girl. One last tip before we sign off- do not sound or look needy and desperate. Be confident about yourself, and you will surely win her heart one day.