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It's Possible! Here's How You Can Win Your Ex-wife Back

Kundan Pandey May 10, 2019
Are you a troubled male seeking ways to win your ex-wife's heart again? Then give the following write-up a read.
Love fades, or so they say. But if everybody deserves a second chance, why not with the same person you loved so much at one point? So if you feel that you have made a huge mistake by divorcing your wife and are absolutely determined to make her a part of life again, you should take a look at the several pointers discussed here.

Essential Tips

Drop the Male Ego

Your heart wants her back badly. You miss her. The void is there, deepening everyday but you can't express it even to yourself. It is nothing but the male ego dominating your mind.
It is forcing you to focus on her mistakes, her wrongdoings, her behavior whereas at this juncture, when it is now or never, you got to shift your focus from 'her' to 'you'. There is not enough time at your disposal. Before it is too late, go and seek a sincere apology. Drop the ego. Let it go.

Communicate the Problem

Communication should be your preferred suit while you're contemplating for an apology. May be it wasn't only your mistake and it never is; it always takes two to tango.
But if it was your mistake, that includes but is not limited to infidelity, lack of love, extramarital affairs, jealousy, unmet needs, wants or other traits of bad relationships, then seeking a sincere apology is the only way out. You won't have to feel shy about it.
Melting your ego in the warmth of her love will make you feel more loved, accepted, and appreciated. Don't think your value or respect will be lowered in her eyes. These are the very things polluting any relationship. Explain to her the problem and how everything was misunderstood and miscalculated by both of you.

Stay within Limits

  • Don't chase her like the paparazzi and reporters. Give her time to think. She will respond, if she wants you to come back in her life.
  • Don't expect her to start showing love and affection immediately after you have said sorry. It is her life, and so, don't force her to come back.
  • Change for the better. Relationships issues reflect some loopholes in our understanding of our partners. Overcoming them can make us better individuals. Try to learn from such failures. If you're seriously working upon your personality, changes will surely occur.
  • If she is already dating someone else, don't accuse her of that. You should be careful that you're not inviting double pain for yourself. Let her go, if she has moved on.
  • If she has already moved on and she is not willing to come back, you should move on, without a second thought.
  • Read about similar relationship problems from several authentic and good sources. Get exposed to brilliant ideas on how to revive your love life. Implement them slowly. Relationships are not heaven or hell made. They have to be worked upon, everyday.
  • Forgive and forget any wrongdoings. To begin a fresh chapter, delete the shady past.
Realizing the value of your wife is a great step for you to proceed in winning her back. You have to be patient, humble, and show that you're a changed man, for the better. Since chasing her again is a double edged sword, where the probability of success and failure is equal, don't expect too much. Still, don't leave her until you have given your best.