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How Would You Know if She is the One? Go Through This Post

Arjun Kulkarni Apr 17, 2019
There she is, smiling at you from across the table and holding your hand, telling you how much she loves you. But there is a huge difference between a girlfriend you've been dating for a few months and someone who you love enough to get married to.
It is one of the patent dilemmas the smarter lot of men ponder upon often. These forward looking sort, as opposed to the ones that live for today, more often than not, do think about their future and want some way to know whether the girl they are with presently cuts it to be the one to marry and subsequently have children with.
But alas, these men are clearly not smart enough to figure out the answer to this question on their own, which is perhaps why they turn to the thing that knows you best, (save for yourself) the Internet, for answers to this question.
Finding the right person to marry is a pertinent question indeed. Whirlwind romances often end up in a thoughtless marriage in Vegas and then a terrible experience because, you ended up marrying someone who wasn't 'right' for you at all.
So the wiser men among us go for the Internet quizzes and asking the people around them to give a fair, unbiased, and third-person assessment about their relationship.
So here's a small questionnaire which will help you assess the suitability of your current partner as a spouse for the rest of your life.

Has the relationship been pretty smooth over the longest period of time?

Or does it hit the rocks every now and then? Because if it does, you presumably do not want to end up in a long term relationship with someone with whom you have a lot of fights.
But if you don't, and understand each others problems just fine and get along really well, then there is not doubt, she is the one for you.
Ideal answer: Yes.

Does she get along with your family and friends?

Because if she doesn't, it's going to trouble you in the long term. If she doesn't get along with your friends, then she probably will forbid you from meeting them or make you avoid them.
Even when it comes to the family, there will be a terribly strained atmosphere in the house each time your friends come to your house or you go to theirs.
Ideal answer: Yes

Is there something major which you want to change about her?

Because if there is something about her that really bothers you, you really can't live the rest of your life with it. You may think that it's a small thing, but often it is these small things that make a relationship go sour in the long run.
Ideal Answer: No.

Do you love spending time with her?

Apart from the time in the night? If you're thinking about long term, you need to think about Compatibility Issues. Couples that are not compatible and don't share much in common often get caught in a marriage which neither enjoys.
Because when you get married, more important things than sex will come to the fore such as common interests, the conversations, the way to look at a particular situation, etc.
Ideal answer: Yes 

Does it feel right?

You need to look at the relationship objectively and try to understand and justify yourself that taking this relationship forward and to the next level is the right thing to do.
You don't have any problems committing your long term relationship and a sizable portion of your life to this person, you enjoy her company and she enjoys yours and you feel very comfortable with the thought of marriage and the like. So if you are wondering is she right for me, then surely, you need to look into your own heart.
Ideal answer: Yes