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Make a Better First Impression as a Well-Groomed Man

Kevin Devoto Oct 03, 2019
Understand the basics of having and following a good self-care routine, and what you should do to ensure that you present yourself in a well-groomed manner.
Traditionally, guys have an easy self-care routine varying based on the day of the week. A quick shower and deodorant are the minimum a man can get away with, to smell decent at work or school. There comes a time when a man must adjust the grooming routine to improve appearance, make good impressions, and establish a positive reputation.
Small changes to your daily self-care routine and clothes choices will help you create a positive impression as a well-groomed man.


Your dress has a direct correlation with how others view you. Think about it this way, if you are still dressing with same styles that you wore a decade ago, it is time to get a new look. Even casual outfits like jeans and t-shirt can be upgraded to a mature, flattering look.
Work clothes are a great way to show off your cleaned-up style. Maybe fashion isn't your thing. That's all right. You don't have to be fashionable to improve your look. Get inspiration from the internet, magazines, and people whose style you like.

Facial Hair

Scruffy facial hair gives off the impression that you don't care. You can shave daily for a clean-cut look. If you prefer facial hair it is important to make sure it is always trimmed and lined up. Clean lines emphasize your facial features and immediately show good grooming skills.
Using shaving cream and a razor is a classic option, but electric razors work just as well. Eyebrows are a commonly overlooked feature in a man's care routine. If your brows are overly bushy or form a unibrow, then a regular shave, shape-up, or wax can provide instant improvement to appearance.

Personal Care Products

Higher quality personal care products work better and longer. Your basic lineup of daily products should include deodorant, lotion, aftershave, and cologne. Starting with deodorant, select a brand that prevents perspiration and has a long-lasting scent.
Next, dry skin makes skin dull and cracked. A good thick lotion will moisturize the skin to make it look and feel healthier. Aftershave is optional, but many men find that it helps prevent bumps after shaving. Finish up with cologne. That is the scent people remember as it will leave an impression after you leave.


A well-groomed man looks great from head to toe. Comfortable shoes are essential at work or school, but must complement the outfit. Many men's shoes can add a touch of class to a casual look. They can contrast the clothing to stand out or stick with same color for a monochromatic theme.
Dress shoes come in countless colors, materials, styles. They add to your look. Interesting socks also are a way to express your personality. Other accessories like a watch, ring, bracelet, or necklace can be added as long as they don't overwhelm the look to make it appear 'too busy'. A few accessories go a long way.
Leave behind the gear from a decade ago. It is time to upgrade your look starting with the wardrobe. Then begin a daily routine to get your facial hair looking suave. Add the right personal care products to help you look better and smell amazing all day long.
Finish up your look with accessories that will show that you thoughtfully put together your outfit. All these tips combine to promote the image of a well-groomed, fashionable man. Step out to your next big event, interview, or just another day at office full of confidence in appearance and skills.