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Makeover for Guys

Aastha Dogra Feb 6, 2019
A makeover is not just a confidence booster for women. Even guys require that occasional transformation to get their confidence levels up. Here are some makeover tips for guys.
First impressions count a lot. Whether you are appearing for an interview or asking a girl out on a date, it is your confidence that will determine your success. Here are some makeover suggestions that guys can implement for the same.

Exercise and Eat Healthy

Start with following a regimen which will get you to be healthy, fit, and in shape. Exercise everyday and eat a balanced diet. Preferably join a gym and undertake some weight training. Working out everyday will definitely keep you energetic.

Get a New Hairstyle

Many people go to the same 'small salon on the corner' for years, and their hairstyle too becomes more or less consistent. Such situations call for a hair makeover.
You can start by looking at some celebrity hairstyles and see which ones best describe your personality. This will better equip you to explain to your stylist the kind of haircut you want. Preferably go to a reputed salon.
Another method is Virtual Makeover. It is a software application which allows you to upload your photo on the Internet and then see how different hairstyles look on your face. These days, many good salons offer this facility. It is also available on the net. You can try different haircuts with the virtual makeover tool before finalizing on your look.

Be Well-groomed

The easiest way to attract the attention of a woman is to appear well-groomed and polished.
Take a shower everyday and follow it up by using a good quality moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Put on a good smelling cologne. Wear polished shoes.
If you have a beard, trim it regularly. If the skin on your hands and feet is dry, go for manicures and pedicures. Wear a herbal lip balm on your lips to keep them shining.

Re-do your Wardrobe and Accessorize

Discard all clothing items that you feel are out of fashion. If you have no clue of the latest fashion trends, consult a friend who does and ask him to help you out.
Buy some t-shirts for casual wear, shirts for formal wear, and good pairs of pants. Always buy something that suits you and which you can carry well. Never buy something you will not be comfortable wearing.
For a trendy look, accessorize yourself with fashionable ties, classy shoes, a branded watch, and some cool eye glasses.
For guys, a makeover would be incomplete if they do not have the required attitude and confidence to carry themselves well. As the saying goes--'It is our attitude that determines our altitude'.