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Makeover for Men

Makeover for Men

A makeover is needed for those guys who are bored of their usual, never-changing style, or for guys whose style their loved ones are bored with! Read on to find out more...
MenWit Staff
It is said that we form a perception about a person within just a few minutes of looking at that person for the first time. I think this notion can be trusted, and does actually make sense. Let me ask you this: haven't you formed a favorable image of that gorgeous lass at the coffee shop, or an unfavorable image of the hunk sitting across her? Well, yes we do, and we do it by simply observing that person. So, if you're a guy and if you want to be observed and to get a favorable image imprinted on another person's mind, then it's time to get a makeover.

Manly Makeover

Many guys baulk at the term 'makeover', thinking it is a feminine thing to do feminine, but it is much less complicated than that. Something as simple as getting a new hairstyle can be the most effective change of all if you want to change your look. You must have observed that if you change your hairstyle, it also changes the way you are perceived by other people. It is one of the most crucial makeovers for guys.

A hair makeover doesn't only mean simply getting a haircut, but to let your hairstylist give you a new hairstyle that suits you better than your current one. For this, you need to remember two things: One, go to a salon that is just for men. Get testimonials from your friends. Two, trust your hairstylist. Let him/her know what you want and see the magic happen.

The trend of trying out this process on a virtual interface is also increasing. Virtual makeovers gives you the power to see yourself in different and vivid styles, and then choose the one you like the most. Directly getting it done hands-on can be risky, especially if it is your first time or if your hairstylist doesn't understand exactly what you want. Hence, this is the best method for you to experiment with different looks, before committing to anything permanent.

Some Useful Tips

Once you've got a makeover, it is important that you care for it, and let the money you've invested in it do some talking. Mentioned below are a few tips:
  • Work out: Along with the superficial makeover, it will also be good to have a great body. Working out doesn't necessarily mean getting pumped up and lifting heavy weights in the gym. Any exercise, done regularly, will help you become fitter and look better. Sprinting or doing bodyweight exercises is especially effective.
  • Polish your shoes: It is said that a lot can be said about a man by looking at his shoes. Hence, always wear clean sneakers, and if you are wearing leather shoes always polish them.
  • Trim your hair: It's important for you to trim excess hair to look in shape. Trim hair above your ears, on the nape. Also, if you've got bushy eyebrows, get them done, too.
  • Floss: Very important, but criminally ignored. It is not only a good habit for the health of your teeth, but also keeps them clean and shiny. It may help to impress someone with a simple smile of yours.
  • Facial hair: If you've got facial hair, indulge in maintaining them properly. Your beard or soul patch must look like you wear it confidently, and must not project an impression that you are too busy to trim it!
  • Basic hygiene: It is important to maintain a basic amount of personal hygiene to feel good about yourself. Cut your nails on time, wash and exfoliate your face to remove dead skin, and apply lip balm to avoid chapped lips. No, putting on lip balm is not girly!
If you've got a particular way of dressing or styling yourself, it's your style, and you should be proud of that. But don't you think others will like to see a new 'you'? And I am sure that you yourself will feel great after altering and fine-tuning the way you look. You can always give it a try, at the very least, and revert to your old self if it doesn't work out. Cheers!
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