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Men's Guide to Getting a Great Manicure

Manicure for Men
Many men think getting a manicure is a very feminine thing to do. But this beauty treatment has many advantages.
MenWit Staff
Last Updated: Jul 31, 2018
Man Manicure
Manicure, when done on a regular basis, keep nails clean healthy and free from bacteria and fungus. Thus, protecting nails from several problems like fungal infections, pale nails, ingrown nails and hard or brittle nails.
Manicure man close up
Manicures promote nail growth and strength, and helps keen hands healthy and soft.
Manicure man
Apart from making your hands look aesthetically pleasing, they are also a way of sitting back and relaxing whilst your hands are being pampered.
Man manicure
The hand massage done during a manicure eases stress and produces a long-lasting positive effects.
Bowl with water bubbles
You will need cotton pads, orange wood stick, soft nail brush, nail filer, cutter and warm water in a bowl.
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Cut the nails with the nail cutter. File the nails in shape with the metal filer. Ideally, a man's nail should be round with the white nail ΒΌ inch beyond the fingertip. Apply a small amount of olive oil or cuticle serum to each nail.
Hands undergoing a manicure in a dipping bowl
Fill a bowl with warm water. Add a dollop of a mild shampoo and 5 - 6 drops of rose water. Mix all the ingredients well. Lather will be formed in the process. Soak your hands into this mixture. Do make sure that the water temperature is tolerable to you. Keep the hands soaked for 10 - 15 minutes.
The warm water will soften the cuticles. During the soaking period, gently massage your hands. Brush the nails and the skin around it with the nail brush. This will get the blood flow through your fingers. Take a pumice stone and rub it on the fingers, both on the inner and upper side. A pumice stone gently removes the dead skin from the fingers.
When the cuticles have become soft, dab some amount of cuticle remover on the nail base. This will ease the pushing back of the cuticles. Hold the orange stick at an angle and push the dry skin of the cuticles towards the nail base. Also, push back the cuticles along the sides of your nails. Perform this step as gently as possible.
If dead skin chips are present, wipe them away with a cotton pad. Do not use a cotton ball as it may leave streaks behind. Buff the nails in one direction. Do not rub them as rubbing may heat up the nails. The purpose is to improve blood circulation through the nails. Try this procedure once or twice a month, and you will love the experience.