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Unbelievably Useful Tips for Men on Wearing Flannel Shirts

Tulika Nair May 10, 2019
Sure, there is an association of flannel shirts with lumberjacks and outings to National Parks but the fact is that occasionally men's flannel shirts can make a statement provided you wear it well.
Flannel is a commonly used fabric that is generally made of wool or cotton and is a staple fabric to make clothing from in areas that are generally partial to cooler temperatures.
While generally considered to be the outfit of people who work in lumberyards and farms, today the fabric has achieved a more fashionable status and it has made inroads into men's fashion in particular.
Flannel clothes were extremely popular amongst the workers in the early 20th century because of their ability to protect them from harsh climates. Soon they became popular for sports uniforms because of their durability and in the late 20th century, thanks to grunge rock stars, men's flannel shirts became popular fashion clothing items.

Tips for Wearing Flannel Shirts

Despite the fact that flannel is widely worn and used, there is somewhat of a rustic symbology attached to it. Flannel shirts if worn well, can be quite a good look for men.
The flannel shirt was first made by a businessman call Hamilton Carhartt who wanted to create clothing that would be durable to work in and comfortable to wear. Today of course, flannel shirts are ubiquitous clothing items in wardrobes of most men. Not only are these shirts comfortable to just lounge around in, they also tend to look really good.
These shirts are extremely functional and are perfect for places where the weather conditions tend to be cold. There are many different ways in which you can wear a flannel shirt. We give you some of the looks that you can try out.
★ The classic way of wearing a flannel shirt is to wear it with a pair of rugged denims. There is no way that you can go wrong with this look.
Choose to leave your shirt outside the jeans for a casual, laid-back look or tuck it in, so that you can have a more refined appearance. If you are working in the farm, team this up with either a baseball cap or a straw hat.
★ Another fashionable way of wearing flannel shirts is to team it up with a plain t-shirt inside and leave the buttons of the shirt open.
If you are making a trip to the fair in town or even a baseball game, then this can be the look to don. You can also choose to button up the shirt and allow a sneak peek of the t-shirt. While most men prefer wearing plain white t-shirt, it may be a good idea to contrast the shirt with another bright colored t-shirt.
★ One look that was made popular by rockers in the 1990s was a grunge look that till then was thought of as impossible to achieve with a flannel shirt. Team a faded, old flannel shirt with a pair of ripped jeans.
The look can look even better if you ensure that the denims you wear are straight cut and slim fitting. Ripped denims are a must for this look, so if you do not have a pair of worn out jeans, make one, or buy one at the thrift store.
If you choose to wear pants or trousers with your flannel shirt, then good fashion advice will tell you that the pair you wear are without any kind of pattern. The best pair to wear would be khakis, which tend to complement flannel shirts.
While you may have this predisposed notion about men's flannel shirts, the fact of the matter is that these shirts tend to allow for a rugged look that is impossible with most other types of shirts.