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Men’s Guide to the Perfect Black Pant and Shirt Combination for 2019

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa May 3, 2019
Not just women, even men get confused to infinity when it comes to choosing an outfit for the day. Finding the right combination of a pant with a shirt is quite a hectic task for a man who does not understand the A, B, C’s of color combinations. A black pant in men’s wardrobe is a must.

Black Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are great for leisure activities and laid back weekends. You definitely won’t wear it to the office so shun the shirt combo with cargo pants. Black cargo pants are great during a walk in the park or a night stroll. You can wear it with a V-neck T-shirt with a leather jacket for a sexy look. Put on your favorite sneakers to enjoy your stroll.

Black Leather Pants

Black leather pants for men spell more masculinity with less talk. From Jon Bon Jovi to Ricky Martin, they all have flaunted their black leather pants. For a guy more into functionality, a white half-sleeved T-shirt with a check plaid long sleeve shirt and athletic sneakers will do the trick.

Black Cotton Pants

Men who love fashion yet like to keep it simple will love combining a black crew-neck sweater with black cotton pants tapered at the heels.

A young man can team up a black cotton pant with a white half-sleeved shirt and a navy bomber jacket. Those with a daring side to carry off any look should put on a pair of low top suede sneakers in pink (wink, wink)!

Black Chinos

For a casual day at work, pair your black chinos with a black crew-neck sweater, brown shirt jacket and black leather low-top sneakers. Pick up a black leather briefcase to complete your office look. Or team it up with an orange long sleeve shirt with accessories such as a black bracelet, dark brown leather belt, and sunglasses for a casual, holiday look.

Black Skinny Jeans

Black skinny jeans are a must for a stylish yet casual ensemble. Pair it up with a black floral dress shirt and white leather low top sneakers. Perfect for a laid back day during summer.

Black Dress Pants

Black dress pants do wonders in older men’s wardrobe. Team these pants with a light blue dress shirt, navy colored tie, beige blazer, and brown leather loafers.

Black Ripped Jeans

Looking for a relaxed combination on a day out with your best buddies? Go in for a black and white floral shirt with black low top sneakers and a silver watch over your black ripped skinny jeans. It will definitely give you a masculine and handsome look.
These are some of the black pant and shirt combinations 2019. You do not need to always go in for the tried and tested black pant and white shirt combo. Who said only girls can have all the fun with their wardrobe? Just try these different black pant combinations and give your peers some serious competition.