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What Kind of Shoes Should Men Wear With Jeans?

Mrunmayi Deo Sep 29, 2018
Shoes are an accessory that men are crazy about with several options to choose from.
Shoes look super sexy on any outfit, and make men look very charming, handsome, dynamic, and hot!
Denim is the most popular and an iconic piece of clothing sported by men and the most comfortable, no doubts! But a good pair of jeans coupled with an equally good pair of shoes, is what women look for.
Color of the pair of jeans: Denims of blue or black are the most common, and shoes of darker shades are preferable for these.
Personality and Skin Tone: Bright and contrasting colored shoes look great on taller and fairer guys while shades of blues or blacks or browns look good on darker men.
Upper Clothing: Shoe selection also depends on what is to be worn on top of the jeans; whether casual shirts or t-shirts or polo necks or athletic jerseys.
Jeans with sneakers is truly a style statement but going a bit out of the way is always good, especially when there are so many shoes available in the market.
A pair of jeans with casual shirts or tees goes best with sneakers; may be simple one's or retro-styled or European-styled one's. When it comes to wearing jeans, what comes to the mind first, is a nice pair of sneakers.
Sneakers have been hot favorites for men. But again what matters is the color of your jeans. You can go in for darker shades of sneakers for light blue colored jeans.
A black or a dark blue jeans would go well with funky colors like purple, red, green or blue only when the guy sporting them is tall and fair enough.
Wearing sneakers of contrasting and funky colors has been a trend especially when sporting casual look. A nice pair of white sneakers look cool and catchy on almost all men.
When wearing polo shirts or athletic t-shirts, one can go in for a nice pair of tennis sports shoes which are comfortable.
For formal evenings, men can go in for a pair of polished loafers for a smart look. The best colors to sport are shades of dark brown and black.
When it comes to casual wear for beach trips crocs, slip-ons, and flip-flops are best since they look very comfortable on casual t-shirts and shirts and are easy to carry-off.
If you want to sport the rugged and rebellious look, then nothing can beat the leather cowboy boots. They look super smart when the jeans are tucked inside them.
For narrow bottom or skinny jeans, the canvas high-tops suit best and give a super trendy emo look.
Other options for semi-formal attire includes a pair of oxfords and plimsolls, which are nice alternatives for sneakers and look equally good.
If you are wearing baggy jeans or five-pocket jeans, then go in for bulkier shoes.
Make sure whatever you wear, it looks good and goes with your personality and attire. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the most stylish shoes in the market and flaunt them.