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7 Must-have Grooming Products for Men Every Guy Should Own

Must-have Grooming Products for Men
Apart from skin care products, men should also have a few products that help them in their day-to-day grooming. A list of such products is presented to you here. Take a look, and see what your bathroom counter is missing out on!
Malvika Kulur
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
"Good grooming is integral and impeccable style is a must. If you don't look the part, no one will want to give you time or money."
― Daymond John
There has been a lot said and done so that men can have their own range of grooming products. Cosmetic companies have specially formulated creams, face washes, and other products specifically for men so that they do not have to use products made for women. There are numerous shows demonstrating the use and benefits of such products, which has led to more men becoming self-conscious. Men have started looking into their grooming on a daily basis, and not just for important interviews, meetings, birthdays, and other special occasions. As we all know, grooming not only pertains to skin care products, it also includes nails, hair, and body products.

Keeping that in mind, given in this MenWit write-up is a compilation of grooming products and equipment that all men should own and use.
Stock Your Cabinets With ...
Skin Care Products
Skin care products
Markets are flooded with skin care products, like cleansers, toners, moisturizer, scrubs, face washes, packs, etc., specifically meant for men. If you are confused about which products to use, then the first thing you need to do is determine your skin type. Based on this, choose products. Always remember that the soap you use while bathing should not be used for your face, as the chemicals in it can cause irritation to your skin. If you can, try to opt for herbal products, as they are the best if you want your skin to look youthful always. So, when you go shopping for your toiletries, make sure to buy a good cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen to use daily.
Hair Care Products
Shampoo and lotion
When it comes to hair, men do not actually have to spend too much time and effort to groom it. All they need is a good shampoo, conditioner, and some amazing stronghold pomade or wax-based styling products, and they are good to go. Some guys like using hair gel, but the only problem with that is at the end of the day, the hair feels too rigid and dry. Instead, you can try out styling creams, wax, or pomade to style the hair. These make the hair look and feel soft, shiny, and silky. If you are used to using gel, and like your hair to look stiff and rigid, keep using it. Whenever in doubt about your hair, always ask your girlfriend or wife how she likes your hair. Depending on her answer, you can make your choice. Also, it is very important to try out different products before settling down on the ones that you are going to stick to, so talk to your barber or hairdresser, and then make your purchase.
Traditional Wet Shaving Kit
Shaving kit
Today, most men use razors or trimmers for their facial hair, because these tools are supposed to be faster and hassle-free, as compared to the traditional wet shaving kits. But, when you compare the two, only on the basis of quality, everyone agrees that the double-edged blade used in traditional wet shaving kits gives a better, smoother, cleaner, and closer shave, without the razor burns, than what a razor gives. A wet shaving kit consists of a double-edged blade, beaver hair brush, and glycerin-based shaving cream. The process of waking up in the morning and spending time shaving may seem irksome, but it is more enjoyable, and you get better results. Using a shaving cream, instead of the foam is far better because: 1) when you use cream, your hair becomes softer and easier to shave; and 2) you have to use less quantity than foam. A traditional shaving kit may be a little more expensive, but it lasts long, and it is a better option. If you do not want to use a double-edged blade, you could try a 5-blade razor, as it works in the same way as a double-edged blade does.
Aftershaves and Perfumes
Perfume bottle
Aftershaves, perfumes, and cologne help in making men smell absolutely amazing, provided they just dab on a few drops of it on the pulse points, like the wrists, behind the ears, and base of the throat. When scents are used on the pulse points, the heat generated in these areas helps the fragrance get activated. These products should be never used on clothes, because the fragrance won't last too long, and also 'cause you might end up getting a stain on your garments. Do not douse yourself with perfume because these products are just meant to be smelled by those who are standing really close to you, and not the entire block. So, invest in a bottle of refreshing cologne, aftershave, or perfume, and use it every day after your bath so that you smell fresh all day long.
Body Powder
Powder bottle
Women like men all hot and heavy, but only in movies. When it comes to real life, women prefer men to be cool, dry, and sweat-free. Apart from keeping the body dry, powder also reduces skin irritation while doing physical work, like playing, running, etc. After a bath, dab some powder on your chest, armpits, and your nether regions, and experience a dry and cool feeling all day long. Body powder should be used every day, and kept right next to your cologne, deodorant, perfume, etc. We all know how good powder is for the body, but it is also good for the feet. It is the perfect solution for stinky feet. All you have to do is sprinkle powder on your feet every day after your bath, and experience deodorized feet throughout the day.
Oral Hygiene Products
Mouthwash bottle
No one needs to be told about keeping a toothbrush and toothpaste in their cabinet, but they do need to be told about keeping a bottle of mouthwash, floss, and tongue scrapers. Sometimes, just brushing is not enough, especially when you are trying really hard to remove that small bit of spinach stuck right in the middle of your incisors. Times like these call for dental floss―its easier, and you can clean in between all your teeth really well, to obviate the chances of gum problems, tooth decay, and stains. Using a mouthwash not only keeps your breath fresh, but it also keeps oral problems away. A tongue scraper also helps in counterattacking bad breath and bacterial buildup in the mouth by cleaning the tongue, and getting rid of bacteria in the mouth. So, if you do not use mouthwash and dental floss, talk to your dentist about their benefits, and start using them.
Products for the Nails
Cutters and scissor
Nail care is one aspect that most men tend to forget or ignore. It is very important for a man to have clean and even nails. Men would not like their women to have long, dirty, and chipped nails, would they? In the same way, women get completely turned off by men whose nails look like they belong to Shrek. So, look into your nails by investing in nail clippers, a filler, and buffer. If you do not know, or do not have the patience to sit and trim your nails, go for a manicure or pedicure regularly. If you are into manual labor, then always remember to wash your hands well, and clean under your nail to remove all the muck so that even if your nails are a little longer, they still appear neat and clean.
Apart from the above-mentioned products, men should also have Q-tips and a nose hair trimmer. Now that you have seen all the products that men should use so that they look well-groomed and crisp, what are you waiting for? Go out, and stock up your bathroom cabinet. Just remember to use these products well, and try to buy things that have no allergic reactions to your skin type. Also, indulge in some special salon and spa treatments to pamper yourself, like mani-pedis, body scrubs, wraps, etc. At the end of the day, you need to be groomed well so that you look and feel your best every day.
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