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5 Evergreen and Proficient Natural Hair Dyes for Men

Natural Hair Dyes for Men
If you are considering dyeing your hair to cover grays, then why not opt for a natural hair dye? Using a natural hair dye is the best way to color the hair and cover the grays without the influence of chemicals. While chemicals have adverse effects on the skin and complexion, natural hair dyes are safer.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
Is your hair more salt, then pepper? Do you feel that your gray hair is making you look older than your age? Then maybe it is time to color your hair. There are many different varieties and brands of hair color that are available in the market. From cheaper drugstore brands to the expensive ones. But what do you do if you have sensitive scalps, or if you are allergic to certain chemicals present in hair dyes? Well, natural hair dyes are a good option. These natural hair dyes, allow you to look younger and have a gorgeous head of hair, and get rid of grays without any chemicals. For men who are looking to dye their hair, here are a few pointers.
Natural Hair Dyes
Henna powder with other beautification product
Henna hair dye is a very popular option as a natural coloring method. Henna gives the hair a natural brown color. Mixing other ingredients like tea or beetroot/cranberry can give it a black or red-tinged look, respectively. People mix beer in the henna mixture, as beer is a conditioning and strengthening agent. However, by nature, henna has a drying effect on the hair. If one opts for henna as a coloring agent, one needs to oil the hair as often as possible. It makes the hair brittle as well.
As such, hair breakage increases after using henna. So, you can use henna as a coloring agent, if you are willing to put in the extra effort. Henna is a great natural hair dye for African-American hair.
Tea and Lavender
Cup of tea
Tea is a really refreshing beverage. Who knew you could use it to cover your grays as well? It is one of the very useful natural hair dye products. Well, a mixture of tea, lavender and yogurt, on your hair for 45 minutes, will give your hair the most natural brown color. More so, thanks to the lavender, your hair will have almost reflective shine and luster. This coloring will stay for a little more than a week.
To maintain a regular "look", you can repeat the process on a weekly basis. This mixture has a conditioning effect as well; so doing it over, on a weekly basis, seems like a great conditioning option.
For people with dark hair color, sage helps to enhance the brunet shade and hide the gray strands in dark hair. Boil a handful of sage leaves in water for half an hour (the boiling time duration can be altered according to the darkness you desire). Cool it, strain and pour the brew through your towel-dried hair, about 15 times. Collect the brew in a basin so that you can reuse it. Keep it on for 15 minutes and wash it off. You may have to repeat it every week, to get your desired shade.
Another way is to mix rosemary, sage (in equal amounts) with water; yes, it is another homemade hair dye recipe. Put it on your hair and leave it for an hour. Rosemary and sage have a darkening effect on the hair. Initially, you will need to carry on the process, twice a week. However, after a month, you can take it down to a week. The herbs have a strengthening effect on the hair as well; it's like shooting two targets with one bullet.
Cup of herbal tea
Probably the most popular natural hair dye among blondes, a chamomile herb tea solves the problem of brown hair streaking as a result of too much exposure to the sun. All you've got to do is, immerse the leaves in boiling water and allow it to steep for 30 minutes. Once done, strain the mixture and set aside to cool. Pour it out on your towel-dried hair, and at the same time, see that the mixture is collected in a basin, so that you can reuse it.
Do this for 15 minutes. Squeeze the excess brew off your hair, and let the solution get absorbed into your hair for the next quarter to one hour, following which your hair is ready to be rinsed.
Bowl of smooth yogurt
Take some pepper and mix it with yogurt. Make sure that it is a dark gray mixture. No, I am not giving the recipe of a salad base. Pepper has a darkening effect on the hair. However, it is hot by nature, causing the scalp to get oily. Hence, the mixture is completed with yogurt. Yogurt has a cooling effect on the scalp. More so, yogurt is a very good way of getting rid of seborrheic dermatitis, i.e., dandruff.
Keep the mixture on the hair for 30 to 45 minutes. This natural hair dye mixture will make your hair darker, as well as keep you away from dandruff. More so, yogurt is a strengthening agent for the hair.
All these methods are best for coloring hair. Even if you are not graying, but just want a change in look, these natural hair color methods can help you out.
Lavender Bouquet
Chamomile Flowers
Lavender Flowers
Chamomile Plant